fat-erntity boys

chapter 1 - reunion

Drew sat on a booth, patiently waiting his old high school friends to swing by. It's been ages, probably 4 years since the last time he saw them. The three were once "tight bros" but when the time for choosing a college came, Drew parted ways with his friends in hopes to find a better education. Drew had a year left to graduate, and was said to be top in his classes.

Since he had some time to kill, Drew spent time looking through old high school photos. He felt a little rip inside when he saw his friends and him all happily enjoying themselves on high school graduation day. Little did they know that it'd take the three years to finally organize a meetup.

Drew's picture scrolling was interrupted by a large... blob blocking his view. Instead of looking up to see who this blob of lard belonged to, he began to stare. Maybe the person didn't realize that they stuck their gut into Drew's view. If that was the case, and Drew didn't do anything, he'd regret it for the rest of his life. He began to caress and stroke the massive rotund belly. He felt ever flab, every fold that was unfortunately hidden underneath a skin tight sleeveless T-shirt. "You done there bro?" the man asked. Ack! Drew was caught. He was mortified. The man noticed him stroking his belly... but honestly, how could one not embrace it Drew thought. Maybe that's what he'd tell the man. "It's pretty awesome isn't it?" he asked. That voice could it be?

"Michael...?" Drew asked.

"The one and only!" He said.

Drew looked up and saw his once jockish football fanatic friend transformed into a fat blob of lard. He was wearing a skin tight tank top with matching cargo pants. His belly protruded out for several feet.

"Dude! What's up, man!" Drew got up and gave his meaty friend a nice big warm hug. HIs body sucked into Michael's fat, like a kid playing play dough, mushing two pieces of clay together, causing them to sink and form into one. Although that whole process didn't occur during that little bro hug, it most certainly felt like it, at least it did for Drew.

As Drew looked up, he saw his other friend, equally as blubbery as the last (but this one had a bit more meat on his chest region than the other). "Daniel!" Drew hugged him too. Their chests collided , a skinny chest smashed against a chest, softer than a pillow, giving an odd yet sensational feeling. Drew could've sunk in those moobs.

"You two have a lot of explaining to do!" Drew said. He sat down at the booth.

Michael and Daniel sat their flabby asses down causing a big thud. The two sandwiched Drew. Was it on purpose, Drew thought? He didn't really know the answer, but the two usually squished in tightly. "Should we let go?" Michael asked.

"Let's do it," Daniel said. The two let their stomachs go. Their bellies expanded, pushing the table in front of them forward. Michael's tank top gave in already, exposing a bit of flesh.

Drew was in awe that the two still had a little more belly to show off.

Michael stretched his arms. "Let's discuss over some grub. He took out the tablet that stood out from the side of the table. "Let's order a dozen chili dogs, a few hamburgers, a bucket of fries, and one... no two milkshakes. Alright. Daniel what else should we get?"

That was all for just Michael? Drew couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Dude, just triple our current order," Daniel said.

"Alright," Michael began. "And since Drew's here, uhh, I'll just triple the order again."

"Oh, um-," Drew began.

"And the order is sent!" Michael said. He wrapped his heavy arm around Drew. "So how's my little buddy doing?" he asked.

"I'm doing just fine, but what were you guys doing?" Drew asked.

"Were?" Michael asked.

"Yknow..." Drew asked. He slapped their bellies at the same time. "How did this happen?"

"Heh, he noticed," Daniel said to Michael.

"How could I not!?" Drew yelled.

"What do you think happened?" Daniel said.

"We had to go through initiation to get into a fraternity didn't we?" Michael said.

"And our fraternity required us to gain 200 pounds to get in," Daniel continued.

"And the rest just kinda happened," Michael said. He lifted his shirt over his head. "And I don't regret a single thing." He slapped his overhang and put his shirt back on.

"You gained 200 pounds in order to join a fraternity!? How long did it take?" Drew asked.

"Oh, I dunno," Michael said. "1 maybe 1 and a half months."


"Thought you'd say that," Daniel said. He pulled out something from his pocket. "This here is a weight gain bar."

"Weight Gain bar?" Drew asked.

"C'mere," Michael said. He pulled Drew closer to him. Michael put Drew's head atop his belly. He grabbed a bar.

"What're you doing?" Drew said hesitantly.

"You won't be able to keep up with us. This should give you an extra push..."
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Po123 5 years
Any updates?
AshBear 6 years
Just read this one. It was so good! Such a shame it ends just when it's getting started.
Po123 7 years
Thanks for continuation hope,you do more
Po123 7 years
Cant wait to hear the rest
Po123 7 years
Great start hope you continue