10 months
Mark is a single man who is attracted to larger women. He meets a beautiful girl named Maggie and her body changes for the better.
66258 views, 29 likes, 4 comments
While being fed by her Domme feeder live online with an audience of feeders and fat appreciators, a committed feedee reveals herself to the world when she reaches her 500lb milestone.
11040 views, 19 likes, 1 comment
A shy, compliant and obedient feeder pet wakes up from a four hour feeding and shares an erotic encounter with her friend turned feeder while digesting a heavy load of cake and whole milk she was fed.
7641 views, 20 likes, 3 comments
A self proclaimed yo yo dieter finds out the path she really should follow. * *Adding new chapters every few days* *
77934 views, 23 likes, 12 comments
If you were an FA that won the lottery, what would you do? Here�s what Jack did.
58693 views, 43 likes, 14 comments
2 years
Moving to the Netherlands to work on an organic farm, a young American gradually grows Dutch.
40802 views, 22 likes, 10 comments
11 months
A romance with an alpha type bhm. New chapter added.
26583 views, 19 likes, 9 comments
After falling for the captivating and curvy Jessica, you become her feedee. Seeing you gain weight causes Jessica's feedee side to emerge.
117289 views, 67 likes, 36 comments
A story I wrote a few years ago about a man and a woman who after a quick engagement realize that they are both feeders. New bonus chapter added.
52230 views, 19 likes, 3 comments
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