Weight gain stories


Empathy gain

When an aspiring author finds herself sporting a new belly and a new embarrassment near friends, she wonders if she could seize the opportunity to understand the mind of a character in her novel who is struggling with weight. (FINALE, 02/02).   More ▼

What would you do for money

Riley is a stunning 22 year old girl on a date with a guy she met online when she finds out that it's not a relationship he's looking for, it's a girl he can pay to get fat.. Like if you enjoy and feel free to comment, I appreciate the feedback.   More ▼


True things that have involved my being a Feeder In my life. I am adding some more stories in here. Sorry if it seems confusing I’m trying to get the content out so I don’t forget it. I’ll add more the more likes I get   More ▼

Of dowries and double chins  

A plot most fattening is brewing in the Kingdom of Bountia. As King Tract's favor wanes among the nobles, his devious aide proposes marrying off the Princess to a King offering a gem-encrusted waistchain as dowry. She'll need to grow for their gain.   More ▼

Just desserts

They say we all get our just desserts, in time. What happens when you're a piece of work, hedonistic, selfish asshole? Some desserts are bigger than others...   More ▼

A heavy price to pay - complete

Agent michael conway  

Nick's lucky break  

Synopsis: Nick is a subcontractor working on a mansion job in Beverly Hills. The homeowner is a real piece of work and, in a last-minute bind, forces Nick to stay late to help her out. But it’s more than money that Nick receives from an unlike source   More ▼

Suze's suit  

Suze realises her dream of owning her own fat suit but is she ready for what comes next?   More ▼

It's a psychle  

Jane had a normal life, until a, supposedly routine, visit to her new therapist, ends very differently than expected. Dark plots and, seemingly unnatural events unfold. Content warning contains psychological manipulations.   More ▼
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