An embarassing trip to the doctor.

Chapter 1 - part 3

The sun warms your tight belly as you waddle carefully towards your car. A young nurse sees you from across the lot and rushes to your side, "My god, I can't believe they sent you out without a chair, how far along are you?" You groan, she continues, "You look like you're well past due, let me help you, do you have a ride?"
"No, I drove."
"You drove, in your condition? You poor thing." She cradles your belly gently and eases you to your car. You giggle. "Oh don't be embarassed sweetie, you shouldn't be left alone in your state. Especially as big as you're getting."
"You're right," you say. The young nurse helps you into your car and presses lightly on your belly to wedge you in past the steering wheel. "Oh Hun, you're going to have to move the seat all the way back." She reaches between your legs and releases the seat. It slides back with a hard bang. There's barely fist's width between your distended hog belly and the wheel. You belch loudly. She stares in shock as you back out of the stall.
You drive slowly out of the lot, wincing at every bump. The shocks creak. Your belly is full and hard and jostles painfully everytime you work the pedals. You arrive home and ease into the driveway. Your handsome next door neighbor is out watering his lawn and waves as you pull up. You struggle to open the door and once you do, huffing and puffing you swivel your overstuffed bulk in the seat and attempt to get out. The seat catch was not fully depressed and the seat to slides forward and locks into place. One love handle squeezes around the steering wheel and bulges comically. Red-faced and sweating lightly, you struggle to free your bloated middle from its trap. Your neighbor looks on wide-eyed and then stifling a laugh, comes to help.
"Shit, are you ok?" He asks, "here, let me help." He grabs a huge handful of belly fat sagging slightly between your thighs, places a foot on the door jamb, grabs your thick trapped love handle with the other hand and tries to tug you free. He gives up with a gasp,
"Boy, you're really ***ing wedged in there, aren't you. How did you even get in there in the first place?"
"I..I.. it wasn't that hard," you say indignantly, "the seat shifted as I was getting out." He laughs dismissively. You blush.
"I've got a great idea," he says. He rushes to his house and returns with a cube of butter. He peels back the wrapper, "I saw this once on my uncle's farm when a big pig got stuck in the fence...Oh shit, not that you're ...I didn't mean it like that... it just reminded me...uh..." he stammers and blushes. You're getting so wet as he inadvertently humiliates you. He presses your bloated, squeezed love handle and begins to grease the trapped portion of your waist. "Ok, let's try now," He grabs both your hands and pulls, the pinched love handle squeezes free, "turn your hips," he says as your huge, wide ass wedges itself between the seat and the wheel. You twist your well upholstered hips just in time and you pop loose from the car.
Your neighbor falls on his back laughing from exhertion, you stand above him, your fat gut looming, red and wobbling. "Thank you so much," you say, "that was embarassing." He gets to his feet, dusts himself off and takes a good look at your exposed, ballooning waistline. "No problem," he says and grabs a huge handful of your belly and shakes hard, "It looks like it's time to either start skipping the fried stuff or get a bigger car, porky." He laughs and returns to his watering. You blush deep red (you hope he can't tell how horny this is all making you,) quickly find your house key and go inside.
You're such a greedy, horny pig. You grab three packs of cookies, a gallon of half-and-half and rush upstairs to masturbate. You think you hear a knock at your door as you float in orgasmic-sugary bliss, but drift off to sleep, relaxed and sated, before you can force yourself out of bed.
The next morning, as you leave the house, you see a large white cake box on your door mat. Your stomach tightens with excitement. You open the box and grab the card attached to the lid. You open it:
Hi Pig Belly, it was so nice to meet you yesterday. This is just a reminder that you have another appointment with me in two months. Expect to get these boxes of treats daily until that time. I'll be sending one of my assistants over to see that you stick to your new diet -summer's coming and we want to get you bikini ready! Looking forward to our appointment, Love Denise.
You pull back the wax paper to discover a box loaded with pastries, muffins and fine chocolate truffles. You smell the chocolate, the warm pastries, oh god. You begin to pant, you're full from breakfast but food-lust overtakes you anyway. Just a quick little feed, you think, and take the box inside to the counter. In your greedy, desperate rush to stuff your fat face, you leave the front door open. You set the box on the counter and begin stuffing immediately. The muffins go first, mmmmm, you shove them in whole, groaning, breathing loudly through your nose, gulping them down like a baby bird. The muffins are gone, you're in a frenzy. The jelly danishes go next, you can't help but stuff a few truffles in too (you naughty pig.) You're halfway through the box, bent over your counter, shoving with both hands. You feel that wonderful belly stretch as you arch your back to accomodate the feed. With two fingers you fold the back half of a blueberry danish into you mouth, having to tamp in the last half inch. A voice startles you, " What a fat ***ing pig! Denise was worried you might not take to the diet, but jesus, look at you. You couldn't even make it past a little box of pastries without giving in." She throws her head back and laughs. You stare wide-eyed at the beautiful blonde. She has pale blue eyes and short, spikey hair. Her features are sharp like a wood nymph, her posture confident. She strides across the floor and lands a hard slap on your balloon-like ass. "Get your face back in there, hog, you've got half the box to go. You try to talk, but your mouth is packed with food. You chew obediently, hungrily, snorting and oinking as you gulp down the treats.
Your lovely feeder-nymph slowly pulls the back of your dress up as you continue to feed. She rubs your wobbling, bloated buttocks lightly, teasing around your clit, tugging playfully at your labia through your soaked panties. "Oh god," you gasp, "I'm going to be late for work,"
She laughs, "I've already taken care of that. Your boss thinks I'm your aunt, by the way. You got the whole week off - more if we need it." You get wetter. You wonder what she said to get you the time off. The lovely nymph pulls your panties aside and slides a deft finger inside you. She presses lightly on the front wall of your vagina and slides in and out. You moan and moan and eat and eat.
"I'm going to feed you like an absolute ***ing pig, you'll be so greedy by the time I'm done with you, you'll be powerless around food." She continues to slide her finger slowly in and out. She gropes your dimpled inner thighs with her free hand. You start to come. "That's it you food-addicted *** pig, come for me, come for me like a good fat girl." You convulse in orgasm and pleasure warms your body. The pleasure passes and your feeder pushes your face back into the box. "That's it, blubber butt, keep eating, eat like a good little submissive piggy." She leans close to your ear and whispers, "My name's Melia, but you'll be calling me Mistress." She produces a thin leather strap and slides it under you heavy belly and cinches it around your bulging hips. She gets behind you as you eat and gathers the loose ends of the strap like a rider taking the reins. You feel the strap tighten around your hips and soft underbelly. You tingle with excitement. Melia slides her jeans down and pulls out her beautiful strapped-on cock. She teases at your opening with the thick head. You moan and try to push back onto it. "Keep eating, you bloated cow, stuff that fat ***ing face, shove it all in." She pulls on the reins and slowly slides inside you; a wave of pleasure surges, a wave of greed follows. The fatty-wobble of your swollen belly is accentuated by the tight strap. You shove as much food in your mouth as you can stand, pressing more in with firm fingers, eager handful after eager handful. Melia grunts with pleasure "That's a good fat ***ing feedee, stuff for me, pig, stuff for me, you're going to be ***ing HUGE by the time you see Denise again. Just imagine what she'll do to you when she sees how fat you've gotten!"
Every extra inch of your fat jiggles as she ***s you. All that soft flesh jiggling, the feel of Melia's firm, flat belly slapping against your yielding flesh, mmmm, your head swims. You start to come again.
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Pregnantstuf... 9 years
What a great tale. Wonderful job.
Bradypig 10 years
I LOVE this!! Please write more!!
Chubbysubby 10 years
Wonderful. Oh to be that pig.
Fatlilboy 10 years