Anticipation pt.2

Chapter 1 - anticipation pt2

One hundred and thirty five pounds that was where Luke's ridiculous scale stopped tormenting me and settled on a number. These scales are the worst, not only do they show you how fat you are getting, they tell you with that horrible 'clank' sound. All I could do was stand there for a few moments staring at those numbers biting my nails. I wasn't shocked at all that I had put on weight, what caught me off guard was the amount. Twelve pounds was a lot to gain in only a month.

As I walked over to the mirror to check myself out the scale clanked mockingly behind me. I stood in front of that full length bathroom mirror in just my underwear going over every inch of my body. I needed to see where those twelve pounds had gone. Starting with the obvious, my stomach, from the front it still looked pretty normal. Nothing was different at my waist, still the exact width of my hips. My belly button with its cute little tear drop shape didn't look any softer. My thighs had always touched so this was nothing new but they did look a little bit thicker. I did feel some tightness around my bra; this actually made me pretty happy. I have been insecure about my small breasts since middle school so if they actually were starting to get bigger maybe this weight gain thing isn't so bad. Next I moved closer to the mirror to inspect my face. It didn't look any fatter but its roundness coupled with my small nose makes me look permanently twelve years old. My stylist convinced me to go with a dark colored longer bob cut, she said it would make me look more mature and the color would contrast well with my green eyes. I guess she was right. I probably should have tipped her more.

Last to be examined was my butt. I put my chin over my shoulder to see what was going on back there. I was a bit shocked by what I saw. Out of my black thong popped a much rounder booty. Before I only had a slight crease where my butt met my thighs, now the crease had extended all the way across. I have narrow hips so my butt had nowhere to go but outwards. Where my skin was once smooth and tight, a few dimples of cellulite had sprung up and ruined that. I put both of my hands on my ass and squeezed, it felt heavy and kind of clammy. My heart dropped when I saw what a flabby mess my butt was turning into. Just when I thought I had seen the worst of it my profile came into view. Gone was my once flat tummy, now replaced with a bulging pooch that stuck straight out below my belly button. I immediately grabbed it with both hands and jiggled it. I sucked in as hard as I could but the pooch was still there no matter what I did. There it was my punishment for an entire month of overeating.

That was when I heard a knock on the door and I remembered why I was in here in the first place. "Hey Melanie did you fall in?" I heard Luke say from behind the door. "I will be out in a few I still have to do my makeup and put on my dress." The pit in my stomach grew until I felt like I was going to puke. Tonight Luke had something special planned for me. I was going to stuff myself in public but he wouldn't give me any details. When I first agreed to it sounded kinky and fun but now I was dreading it.

The fact that I just found out that how chubby I was getting and now was about to go to a restaurant and make a pig of myself in public was overwhelming. Staring at the mirror I was in disbelief at the person I was becoming. I was about to call the whole night off when I looked at the sink counter and saw what Luke had gotten me just for tonight. It was a beautiful white barrette with a red rose on it. It wasn't expensive or anything but it was really thoughtful and cute. That gesture really got to me and I decided I could make it through tonight. I told myself that after tonight I would stop all the eating and get back into shape.

So I put on some red lipstick and some smoky eye shadow. Next was something that was worrying me, the dress. It was just your standard little form fitting black dress with a v neck and small sleeves. The problem was I hadn't worn it since I met Luke and obviously there was a bit more of me now. Putting on the dress turned out to be drama free. There was some stretchiness to it that I had never needed before. It slipped on right past my bigger booty and bulging pooch. I didn't get off that easy though, as soon as I saw myself in the dress I realized it didn't hide anything. The material had a sheen to it that only extenuated my new fatness. I was horrified but it was all that I had. All of my other dresses were being dry cleaned so I was stuck looking like a fat shiny sausage. The only thing I could think of was to put on one of my wide white belts right across the fattest part of my belly. It sort of helped.

I put the barrette in my hair and exited the bathroom. "Wow you look gorgeous." I heard Luke say from the couch. He then walked over to me, kissed me on the cheek and asked if I was ready to go. I nodded and we made our way to Luke's car. As I sat into the passenger seat all I could feel was my lower fat roll squish up on my belt. My anxiety started to grow as I sat there thinking about all the eating I had done since that first stuffing.
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Part 3 is in the works part 4 too. Also have some art work for parts 1&2 coming soon