Chapter 1 - vixen

It was a sweltering day, about 95 degrees out with literally zero cloud cover but there I was sweating through my clothes while snapping pictures of Porsche, Ferrari, BMW and Jaguar race cars as they whizzed past me at 150 miles per hour. Believe me I wasn't out there for my own enjoyment, in fact I hate racing, I find it loud, stinky, hot and annoying. Now don't get me wrong I do love cars, just trying to work in that environment is pretty sucky. The reason I was out there was because I was hired by the Mako Racing team to do all of their photography and videography for the 2013 racing season. It was the last race of the year and the team was running a new Porsche cup car at a race down in Florida.

As the day progressed I continued to lug my gear around the track, getting great shots at all of the more challenging corners of the course. By the end of the race our team had come in second in its class and I started to head back to the team trailer to show the team boss Beau my days work. "AWW hell....those are some real pretty pictures you took there, Mister Rico," Beau said while giving me a punch in the arm. Because my name sounds so similar to the stupid 90s song Rico Suave people like the nickname me that as a joke. I hate those people. My real name is Ricardo Diego Suavez but you can call me Ricky.

With a check in hand I made my way back to my rental car to head back to the hotel for the night. While I was walking to the car I got a phone call that not only changed my career but also my life.

"Hi this is Laura Bryce, can I please speak with Ricardo Suavez please?" the voice said on the other line.

"This is Ricky speaking"

"Oh ok. Well Ricky I am calling because the modeling website I manage is looking for a photographer and I was wondering if maybe you would be interested in the opportunity to come work for us."
When she told me told me the name of the website she worked for it stopped me dead in my tracks.

Growing Vixens was the name of the company and it caught me by complete surprise. Why was a woman who ran a fetish website calling me and how did she get my number? When I asked her I got an unexpected but interesting response. "I got your number from one of our models. She used to do some bikini modeling for car magazines and as we were flipping through some of her old work for ideas your name kept coming up. I don't think you ever shot her personally but I really like your work." It was a pretty good explanation but I was really hesitant since I had never done any kind of fetish work before and I didn't really want to get that reputation. As the conversation went on Laura explained to me how the site was fetish based but that they tried to keep it as classy as possible with limited nudity and tasteful photographs. She also told me how if I came to work for them I would have complete control over the studio, final say over every shot and enough time off so I could still freelance on my own. I was intrigued by her offer and since the studio was only a 20 minute walk from my apartment back home I agreed to an interview.

The second I got off the phone I immediately looked up Growing Vixens. What Laura hadn't told me was that fetish they specialize in was women gaining weight. I guess I should have figured that one out from the name but at the time it was a shock. As the webpage opened a woman came into view. But not just any woman she was a drop dead gorgeously thick woman who welcomed me to the website.

The first thing I noticed was her wide red lipstick covered smile and perfectly straight white teeth. She had long light brown hair that framed her round, high cheek boned symmetrical face. Her hazel eyes-while somewhat sleepy-glimmered through her mascara seductively. It took me a few moments to fully soak in her curvy beautiful body. She was leaning in a door way with one hand over her head propping her up. In the other hand she was holding a donut with her middle finger and thumb while her index finger was motioning me to come closer. As my eyes continued to ravage the image I noticed her full breasts practically spilling out of her black lacey bra. At her waist sat a perfectly tan and smooth paunchy belly that connected to thick juicy love handles. I took a breath and started to focus on her wide flowing hips where the fat from them was being squeezed by tight black panties. Her thighs met almost down to her knees and where absolutely flawless. Below the image in elegant cursive was the name of this model. Stacy.

"Whoa," I said to myself as I felt my thighs get kind of weak. Through all my time photographing different types of models I always dreamt of what they would look like fat and now my dream was staring me in the face. I grew up in a large Mexican family with three overweight sisters so I've always had a thing for chubby girls but this woman was on another level. She was hot chubby and gorgeous, I had never seen anything like it before.

While I have definitely always liked bigger girls I haven't dated too many of them unfortunately. And no it's that I am ashamed of any social stigmas that go along with dating fat girls, I'm just really bad with women. Not to sound vain but I think I'm a decent enough looking guy and I don't have any problem actually meeting girls but when the time comes to open my mouth things go downhill, real fast.

Once I realized that in a few days I was going to meet and actually have to talk to this vivacious woman, the fear set in. The fear was completely irrational because I have met and photographed dozens of gorgeous women in my life but there was something about this one that got to me. I didn't get a second of sleep the night before my interview at Growing Vixens.
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