Anticipation ch.2

Chapter 1 - anticipation ch2

As the next few weeks past I started spending more time over at Luke's apartment. It was fun for me, I have had roommates for almost 7 years so it was awesome to finally not have someone up my ass for a little while. I was over there all the time; luckily Luke liked having me around even though I talk a lot. Eventually I started to leave some of my stuff around his apartment, a hair brush here a bobby pin there. I mostly did it because it was convenient but I also to see how he would react. His reaction kind of surprised me, every time I left something hanging around he would put it neatly somewhere. He didn't care that I was making myself at home at home in his place; he just didn't want me to be a slob about it.

I started noticing some strange things around the apartment. His entire bathroom was pink, pink walls, pink tub, pink toilet, and a pink sink. It was really odd. Obviously Luke didn't do this to the bathroom since he was just renting the place. He had tried too butch up the bathroom with a black shower curtain and football shaped shower mat. It didn't help. One other thing about the bathroom I couldn't figure out was why he had a physician's scale in there. It was one of those scales with the weights the doctors slide over. I just figured maybe the last renters left it there and he liked it.

The next weird thing I noticed was the kitchen. It was always loaded with food. I don't mean he just had a bunch of steaks and beer like every other single guy ever. No his kitchen was literally bursting with food. His pantry had every variety of chip snacks available. Potato chips, Doritos, Pretzels, and Cheetos to name a few. Then there were the sweet snacks. Ring Dings, funny bones, Ho-hos, peanut butter cup cookies, chocolate chip cookies they were all there. The refrigerator was even more loaded. Some of the highlights were not one but two full cakes, one chocolate one carrot. A box of pastries with some Italian cookies thrown in was on top of the cakes. In the freezer he had two pints of my favorite ice cream, mint chocolate chip. The rest of it was shoved with frozen fried food and hamburger patties. It wouldn't have been so weird if I had actually seen him eat any of this food. The only thing I ever saw him eat was a burger here and there and his jarred Italian foods. Even though I was starting to get suspicious about all of this I didn't want to interrogate him on any of it. There could have been any number of reasons he had all this food in his place, so I let it go.

About a month into our relationship I started to get some hints into Luke's preferences for women. He would always comment on other people's weight. He would say stuff like "Oh that celebrity is looking fat. Your friend Marcy is kind of getting a big ass." I attributed it to him just having a gossipy side. It went deeper than that. I started catching him glancing at the heavier women we would see around town. I don't mean just chubby either, some of the girls were well over 200 pounds. He thought he was slick but in actuality it was pretty obvious what he was into. It zero sense to me, at the time I was a petite 5'2" 123 pounds.

Every time I caught him checking out a fat girl my curiosity grew stronger. I didn't want to know all of the intimate details about his big secret, I needed to know them! I started to prod him into conversations about his fetish while still trying to play dumb. If we saw a big girl on the street or in a restaurant wearing something too tight or revealing I would make comments like "Oh my god do you see that girls muffin top, she looks like she was poured into those pants." Sometimes he would take the bait other times not. He was also insanely protective over his phone. He left it alone with me for even a second. At first I thought it was another woman but we were hanging out so much he literally had no time for that. I could tell he was on websites but I could never get a glance at his phone to see what kind. It was driving me nuts, I wanted to know so bad why he found a girl with a big fat cellulite covered butt attractive but at the same time dated a skinny little nothing like me. The only thing I could come up with was that he was embarrassed about it. Was he just dating me to not look like a freak to people?

The night of our first month's anniversary was when it all came to a head. We were sitting on our couch as usual, I was cleaning the polish off my toe nails and Luke was playing on his phone. All of a sudden we heard a loud scream. Luke hopped off the couch and bolted out of the door dropping his phone in the process. Since I had cotton balls between my toes and nail polish everywhere it took me a few moments to get up. I didn't know if someone was hurt or not so I grabbed Luke's phone just in case I need to call 911. As I made my way down the hall I looked down at my hand. Apparently when I picked up his phone I inadvertently opened what Luke was last looking at. The website opened to a picture of a very overweight woman in just her bra and panties eating handfuls of spaghetti. Her belly was enormous and covered with big red stretch marks and her face was covered with food. The image stopped me in my tracks. My jaw just hung there and my eyes were like saucers. That was when I heard Luke's voice "Don't worry its cool some drunk girl slipped down the stairs she's fine though." I looked up at him in total shock. It took him a few seconds to realize what had just happened. Then I saw the terror in his eyes. He walked right past me and into the apartment. With his hands over his face he paced back and forth cursing in Italian. I walked back into the living room still in shock and tried to calm him down he was clearly in distress over this. "Baby just talk to me about this it will be ok. Please." I pleaded as I rubbed his back. He then turned around and snapped at me "Why did you touch my phone! Are you trying to snoop on me!?! All you girls are the ***ing same." Not about to take that insult I fired back "I was just going to call 911 because I thought someone was hurt and this came up instead! You don't have to be embarrassed just talk to me about this." Calmer now but still red face Luke sat back on the couch. The reality that his dark secret had just been exposed started to sink in. He looked up at me wearily and said "Ok let's talk about it."
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