Chapter 1 - anticipation

So there I was lying on the living room floor in a daze of what just happened to me. My whole body felt sweaty and numb. When I tried to move my legs all I could feel was a weakness in my thighs and a tingling at my toes. I didn't have any panties on and one boob was hanging out of my bra. My hair was a tussled disaster and there was still food all over my face. When I finally came out of the fog enough to pick my head up off floor all I could see was my fat bloated stomach. I ran my hands up and down it, feeling the difference of the hard taunt upper belly to soft wobbly lower belly. There was so much food in me that my sides were bulging; I could even feel the food gurgling inside of me.

Well before I go any further I should probably explain how I got to be a fat half naked hot mess rolling around on the floor. Don't worry I wasn't kidnapped and roofied or anything, this was all consensual. I m Melanie McCann and the man I am dating is a feeder.

I met Luke about 3 months ago while working as a receptionist at a private care facility. He had come into the office to see one of the doctors about a recent shoulder surgery. His thick black hair, olive skin and chiseled jaw made me notice him through the crowd in the waiting room. While he wasn't an imposing person he had a nice muscular build which made cloths fit perfectly on him. When he walked up to my desk to check in there was instant chemistry between us. He had a slight Italian accent that was so sexy I couldn't hide my giddiness. I melted after he turned around and gave me a smile while he walked with the doctor to go to his exam. His exam didn't finish until I was already out to lunch, but he ended up leaving his number for me with my coworker Samantha.
That number stayed pinned to my corkboard for almost 3days until I couldn't take anymore of Samantha's insistence to call him. "C'mon do it! Call him. He really seemed to like you plus did you hear that ***ing accent?" She said to me over and over. Mostly to shut Sam up I decided to give him a call. Luke was the name he left on the note. "Hello this is Luciano speaking" responded the voice on the other end of the line. "Umm.....Hi? This Melanie I think we met at my office the other day, you left me your number." I said completely confused. "Oh ha-ha yes it's me Luke......sorry I just go by Luciano while I am at work." Relieved, we went on to have a great conversation. Luke was charming, funny and genuine. By the end of the phone call we had a date all planned and ready to go. Samantha was sitting next to me during the whole phone call and was ready to burst out of her skin if I didn't give her the gossip ASAP. When I told her where Luke was going to take me she gave me a concerned look. "Honey be careful at that place. The food is amazing but the portions are huge and it's so go you end up eating too much. The last time I was there I almost popped a seem on my dress. Definitely wear something loose."

The place that Luke was taking me was called Bamboo; it was a beautiful Thai food restaurant. Thai is one of my favorite cuisines so he scored some major brownie points with me early. Talking to Luke during dinner was so easy, we got along really well and found out we had a lot in common. There weren't any of the typical weird silences or awkward moment. Luke didn't just speak at me, he spoke to me. He showed respect for the things I had to say, I really liked that quality about him. We covered all kinds of different topics, my family, his family, sports, religion, art, cars, and food. He didn't open up too much about his family, only that he grew up an only child with a single mother and emigrated from Italy to the US when he was 7. I could tell it was a sore subject so I didn't press him on it. One topic that continually came up was food. He asked me everything under the sun about what I liked to eat. Do I like my eggs scrambled or over easy? How do I like my burgers, medium or medium rare (well done btw!). It was cute how much enthusiasm he had trying to learn what I did and didn't like. He seemed very pleased when I ordered the drunken noodles. I could tell he was feeling me out to see if I was one of those girls who obsess about calories in every meal. I knew I wasn't like that but I guess Luke needed to see that.

I had taken Samantha's advice and worn one of my loose flowery dresses. Good thing I did, because it was needed. My drunken noodles were so good; they had the big flat noodles with a delicious spicy sauce and lots of chicken. The portions really were pretty huge, but I was so into my conversation with Luke I hadn't realized how much I had eaten until I had to stand up to go to the bathroom. I tried to suck it in as much as possible in front of him. Once I got to the bathroom stall I lifted my dress so I could see what was going on. It looked like I had swallowed a kick ball. The whole upper part of my stomach stuck straight out while the lower part was still nice and flat. I was mortified so I started pressing on my belly to try to get it to go down with no luck. I was starting to panic when I finally burped, that was enough to get my belly deflated enough to return to the table. As soon as I got back to the table Luke asked me if I was ready for desert. I quickly put up my hand and declined. He laughed and said "that's ok the deserts suck here anyway". After Dinner he drove me back to my apt and I gave him a quick kiss on the lips and told him to call me as I darted up the stairs

After our great first date things progressed quickly for Luke and I. We started going on a lot of dates and hung out with each other's groups of friends, finding out we even shared a few mutual ones. The first time we hooked up was during a barbeque at one of Luke's friend Dan's house. It was a large estate with a main house and a pool at the bottom of the backyard's hill. We spent the entire day eating barbeque, drinking lots of beer and hanging out by the pool.

Eventually all of our friends made their way back up the hill to the main house to continue partying. Luke and I decided to wait a bit. While sitting with our legs in the water the sexual tension started to build. We gave each other lustful looks back and forth. Eventually Luke put his hand on my pale thigh and told me I looked beautiful. My only drunken response was "oh yeah?" Luke rubbed his hand farther and farther down my thigh until I leaned my head back and slightly moaned. Before I knew what was happening Luke was on his feet and pulling me to mine. He led me right to the pool house and started passionately making out with me. He ran his hands down my bikini bottom and squeezed my small but round ass. At that point I came to my senses, I stopped him from going any further and asked "what if we get caught wont Dan get pissed?" He smirked at me and said "Don't worry we have an arrangement no one will bother us." Not convinced I shot back "but what if someone walks in on us?" He put both of his hands on my shoulders looked me in the eyes and said "Look I locked the door and Dan will have everyone preoccupied for about 20 minutes you don't have anything to worry about. If someone gets suspicious we will just lie." Obviously this was something him and Dan has planned out in advance but I was too drunk and horny to care that much. Once I gave in he quickly got the rest of my bikini off. He ran his hands along my thin waist and cupped my breasts while still kissing me. I felt bad there wasn't much to cup but it felt good. I put both of my hands on his muscular hairy chest and kissed him aggressively. He sat me down on the couch and propped his strong arm on the cushion behind my head. I looked up at him sensually and spread my legs. During sex he constantly had his hands on my tummy rubbing it and caressing it. My belly was definitely a focal point for him, which I wouldn't normally mind except that I felt bloated from the full day of eating and drinking. I didn't orgasm during our first time but that was mostly because I was in a strange place and didn't really feel hot. It was good to break the ice though there wasn't any awkwardness that can follow the first hookup so that made me feel comfortable going forward. We decided to become official a few days after that.
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