Brent fills out for jamie

Chapter 1

Brent and Jamie met eachother three years ago in High School and fell in love instantly. Brent had always been in good shape as he was on the school's football team.

Brent was 5'11 and weighed in at 180 pounds of basically pure muscle. He had brown hair, hazel eyes, a killer smile, and the slightest hint of a six pack. It seemed like there wasn't an ounce of fat to grab on him. That was until he met Jamie.

Brent had been known to be sort of a chubby chaser in school, and in terms of chubby girls, Jamie was a 10.

She had wavy brown hair down to her shoulders and piercing blue eyes. She was a shorter girl at only about 5'3, and weighed 170 pounds, which she carried beautifully in her hips and butt.

The two started dating around the end of their senior year of high school and decided to commit to a long term relationship after finding out that they both chose the same college to attend.

After football season had ended and it was time to start thinking about the big move to college, Brent spent all of his time on preparation and Jamie instead of keeping fit. He was always a big eater as he had to keep his calories high through his football career. Jamie enjoyed spoiling him, but was disappointed that her treats never stuck to his frame.

When the workouts stopped, the weight gain came easily though it seemed. He and Jamie would always stop at a fast food joint after third period since their college dual enrollment class had ended, leaving fourth period to go and do whatever they pleased.

By the time graduation rolled around, the six pack that Brent had almost obtained seemed to vanish and give way to a run of the mill flat and untoned stomach with just the slightest hint of a layer of soft fat.

On graduation day, at Jamie's house, he noticed that the size 32 dress pants that he was required to wear under his gown had become quite uncomfortable. "My mom must've shrunk these damn pants, they fit perfectly at the football banquet a few months ago!", he said as he inhaled and finally got the button fastened. Jamie, who was stunning in a white dress that clung slightly to her small belly, but really clung around her wide hips, looked on and hinted shyly, "Maybe you've just put on a few pounds there, babe" with a smile.

"That's impossible, I've never been fat" he said. "Oh, don't worry, you are not fat", she said, and then thought "yet".

They went to the graduation and had a great time, they then went out and had dinner with both of their families, which really put a strain on Brent's waistband after a massive steak, a baked potato, and about four glasses of cherry coke.

After the families went home Jamie suggested to Brent that they go out for dessert. "Oh gosh I don't know if I can, these pants are telling me no more", he said. "C'moooon, it's a celebration", she said with a seducing smile. "Alright, but if I get fat because of you, you can't leave me", he replied. "Ok, I promise", she smiled back.

When they got to Dairy Fairy, the local ice cream parlour, he plopped down in the booth and asked her to order for the both of them. She happily did and came back with two enourmous cups, both with vanilla ice cream topped with almost every kind of candy you could imagine.

He looked at her and asked, "Are you serious? Are you trying to turn me into a cow?" with a giggle. "No, just trying to celebrate with my boy, this is what college is going to be like at every meal, so we better get used to it now", she said. "God, I hope not, they'll have to wheel me from class to class", he said which got a laugh from Jamie.
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Nerdy Girl 10 years
nicely done :-)
FrecherTyp 11 years
loved the nice ways of that girl ^^ hehe a lovely story and very sexy , too^^
Hugefatman 14 years
There seems to be theme going on with a lot of these stories where the author(s) want to a make like the 200-300 lbs wieght range is like the 400-500 lbs. I hate this since it is so far removed from reality. Male or female, if you have a waist size in the 30's and a weight in the 200 lb range you are by no means huge or anything close to it, even if you were only 5' tall.
14 years
Amazing wish I could live this dream
BHMBBWstoryman 14 years
thanks fellas!
Td0057 14 years
Great story! Looking forward to the next chapters.