Chapter 1 - the beginning

Anna woke up in a chair. It was leather and cozy. She was in a room that had a tv and books to read. She was free to move about the room but there was an ankle bracelet on her. So escape was unlikely.

Anna got up and looked around. The tv had every station available, with a large selection of food channels. Anna watched tv while she tried to find some sort f escape. After a couple of hours, the only door in the place, opened. A handsome young man walked in.

"My name is Sean. I want to feed you. I want you I gain so much weight, you can't tell what roll of fat goes to what. All your debt is paid off, you have a fully stocked wardrobe and a new car. I can do more I you'd like. But let me feed you. You obviously have the stomach for it." Sean pointed out Anna's 185lbs frame. Her hips and gut were pushing passed her breasts. She was overweight for her 5' 3" height. She nodded. There was no way she was ging to pass this up.

"On one condition, you have to pay for lipo if I ask you to."

Sean nodded and moved toward her. He began to feed her cake. It was a rich red velvet cake with fudge like frosting. Sean fed her the whole thing, three layers of pure saturated fat. Anna gulped it down quickly. Then came the bagels. Toasted with butter and jam, Sean fed her a dozen. Anna pleaded, she couldn't take anymore. Sean grabbed her clothes and tore them off. He them proceeded to grope her breast and pinch her nipples. He rubbed her stomach and slapped it hard. Anna moaned in pleasure.

"Eat more for me. You will eat more." Sean said and fed Anna a chocolate milkshake. Anna was ready to burst. Sean adjusted the chair back and slipped his fingers between her legs. Her v was swollen and wet. Sean fondled her and blew on her cl*t. Anna cried out from her climax. Sean stuck his member inside of her. He forced her arms down. He tied them above her head and forced another milkshake down. He pounded away at her p*ssy and made sure her was not gentle. Once he came inside her, he released Anna from her bonds.
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Doggy375 9 years
I cannot wait for the next chapter of this story!