The tube

chapter 1

Amber feuded to skip school. She didn't want to be lectured about how poorly she was doing in math and figured she wouldn't get caught. She hung out in the park for most of the day and then snuck into the donut shop for a treat. She knew the baker, Mrs Gilbert, wouldn't see her yank a crawler from the counter. What Amber hadn't counted on teas Miguel. The cop, standing right behind her. He immediately knew what was up and booked her for stealing.

Amber couldn't believe her luck. She had done this a dozen times before and not once had she gotten caught. This was serious.

Her society demanded that their men and women behaved themselves or they would be punished. They believed that a social embarrassment was worse than any other kind of punishment. It would stick.

For her crimes, Amber was sentenced to three months on The Tube. She had heard rumors but didn't know what to expect.

She was brought into a dark room. It had shackles. She could move but not escape. There wa no hope of that. They chained her. And stuffed a plastic tube in her mouth. The security said only one thing before locking the door:

"Hope you like donuts".

A sweet sugary sludge came pouring out from the tube. It was trapped on, so Amber couldn't push it out. The sludge force itself down her gullet. It was cold and creamy and the taste was irresistible. Amber could help but gulp it down. She felt her stomach pooch outward after about an hour. The sludge didn't stop when she was full. She actually didn't feel full. She thought she should, especially after all of the sweet sugars.

But it kept coming. Her gut poked out further and further with each gulp. Her breast began to ache. Amber noticed her thighs quivering as they grew. Her clothes grew tight. Hours passed but the sludge didn't stop. Amber became aware her ass was pressed to the max in her jeans. She could barely move but she kept growing. At least by 90lbs. Amber was about to snap, she couldn't take it anymore. Surely they weren't going to keep doing this...
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