One night

Chapter 1 - mr jellys creamy ice cream

Belle was tired of her lifestyle. She had few friends and dedicated all her time to her work. So she saved her money and invested well and was able to retire at 34.

The best part was because she had few friends she was now able to eat anyway she wanted. Before, she retired she had to keep a lean look to win over clients. She had to be the sexy bombshell and shook her naturally large breasted showgirl. But it worked.

Now she grabbed a 5 gallon tub of Mr Jolly's ice cream. It had a ton of calories but Belle loved the test. She put on a long movie and began to dip into the tub of ice cream.

She licked her spoon slowly at first to take in the chocolate lay goodness. She got two cups worth in and felt her belly pooch out a bit. Belle patted her belly.

The movie finished and she was a whole gallon down. Her stomach bulged outward, she had clearly gained some weight. She got up and weighed herself. 211lbs. She had gained 10lbs.

She kept going... Three movies in, another three gallons down. Belle was amazed that she didn't feel full yet. She quickly finished the last gallon. She began to rub her belly all over, them she felt a rumble. Then, her stomach began to expand rapidly. It kept ballooning and her breast followed, the mounds of flesh was sensitive and the movement from the growth turned Belle on. Her thighs and arms turned into slabs of flab.

Belle weighed herself again. 310lbs. She had just gained 100 lbs in less than 30 mins. The weight if her fat rolls made it harder to breathe and Belle squirmed underneath the expanding fat.

Two hours went by and Belle's body finally stopped growing. She struggled to stand and she waddled over to the scale. 550lbs! Belle couldn't believe how she looked. She took herself in her floor length mirror and slapped her XXXXXL ass. Yes, she was liking this's retirement thing.

Belle hired a live in maid to clean up after her and feed her. Belle kept eating the ice cream, she never felt full and she loved it. The maid fed her five times a day and left snacks by Belle's bed. Belle decided on a final weight goal:

2000lbs. TBC
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