Beach ball

  By Blob_baby

Chapter 1 - 204 lbs

Dee sat in her corner booth, eating her family sized chicken parm and pasta dish. She tried to eat civilly but she couldn't help but stuff her mouth with the cheese goop that was her dinner. The waitress came over and smiled "when are you due?" She asked. Dee stopped or a moment. This could be a good excuse, one good enough that she wouldn't feel guilty eat what she wanted, when he wanted. She could pretend to be pregnant! If she got too big, she'd say she was having twins or triplets. She could gain a ton of weight in the next eight months and not feel guilty at all!

"Just a month but I am so hungry!" She relied and kept eating. Dee are her way through dinner and two desserts then went to the gas station for ice cream. Dee spent the next week hitting up every local joint. She quickly tired of the fast food but she had gained 10 lbs. she couldn't wait to gain more.

She began to drink nutritional shakes and creamy mousse pies every night. The pounds packed on quickly. She could see the change of her breasts and belt growing daily. Soon, her clothes fit her like a sausage casing, ready to burst at the seams. She didn't care. By the holidays, Dee was packing in two full carts of starches and fatty meats. Whenever someone asked, she said she was pregnant and people just accepted it.

Six months in, she hit her first 100lbs. Waddling in at 305lbs, Dee began ordering dozens of donuts a month and packed on the pounds by scarfing them down at work.

After the seventh month, Dee noticed her bell began to form a certain way, like a beach ball. When she layed in her bed, it stay inflated. She rubbed it and got off constantly. She couldn't stop now. She had to keep growing.

She purchased herself an industrial cookie dough maker and set it to maximum production. She ate from it for three days straight. The beach ball belly grew like something from a horror film. Her breasts became heavier and it got to a point, she couldn't read the scale anymore. Dee didn't care, she kept eating.

Nine months later, Dee found a doctor who had a scale to fit her and weighed herself: 967lbs. She rubbed her big belly and thought "maybe I'll get 'pregnant' again, in a different town".
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