Living the dream

Chapter 1 - first day of school

I had gotten a full ride, through grad school to my dream school: NYU. I could finally study what I wanted to. I could finally live the way I wanted to.

My mother had always obsessed about her weight and I couldn't stand it. She made me feel guilty for my dark secrets. I have always wanted to pig out. I wanted to be a huge blob. But I couldn't disappoint my mom.

When she found out I got into NYU, she freaked. She said I was abandoning her. Then she runs off with some guy to Vancouver for six months. So I worked my a$$ off and managed to get a scholarship for my Biology PhD.

I set up my apartment quickly. I had spent all of my allowance from Senior year to get the furniture and stuff for my apartment. It looked like a feminine heaven. Everything was perfect and girlie. I couldn't wait to start cooking.

To make sure I could keep everything up and running, I got a job as a phone sex operator. I could eat and get off at the same time!

My first morning in my new apartment, I weighed myself. A scant 118lbs. I had slightly wide hips, suggesting I should have a hefty a$$. I had 32C sized bras, so I was lucky to have something already. My stomach was flat as a board. So plain. I'd soon fix that.

My classes started at 8:30 and ran until 5:00pm. I made three breakfast burritos and ate two of them on my way to class. I finished off the other two during class. I made sure to grab some chips and a soda before the next class and made sure to polish them off in second period. The day continued like that. I made sure I was eating all throughout the day.

After work, I decided I would have a quad burger from Fries Town. The meal had 3700 calories in all. Delicious. I scoffed down a 1/2 gallon of rocky road ice cream afterwards and rubbed my belly in my recliner. It bulged outward. It was tight, my nipples perked when I felt around towards my v. I grabbed my vibrator and propped myself in my chair. I watched the cooking channel and got off at the thought of gaining as much weight as a house. Mmmm....
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