Consequences part 1

Chapter 1

The all black 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse screeched into the parking spot. Kim Stevenson checked her perfect features one last time in the rear view mirror before opening the car door. Slowly, one perfectly tanned long slim leg extended out of the car. It was followed by its twin. The calves were slim but strong, the thighs sleek and toned. An almost indecently short mini skirt clung tightly to trim, round hips. The white button-down blouse highlighted a narrow waist and full bosom. Speaking of the bosom, the blouse was unbuttoned just enough to show a nice bit of cleavage.

As nice as the body was, the face was even more breathtaking. Narrow, almost delicate dusky features hinted at some Mediterranean blood. The lips were full, the nose was rather long and just missed being pointy, but it still seemed to complement her looks perfectly. The eyes were dark and almost unnaturally large. The hair, dark and silky, hung straight just past the shoulders.

Yes, Kim Stevenson was the wet dream of every man in the building and the envy of every woman. With a confident smirk she slung her $1400 purse over her shoulder, slammed the car door shut, and strutted towards the front door. She worked for Butler & Consick, a local consulting firm. As an executive secretary, working for the head man himself, Kim pulled in $80,000 per year. She also drove a company car and had 24/7 access to the company gym (which she made good use of). Yes, Ms. Stevenson was living the good life.

You’d never have guessed she came from humble beginnings, a lower-middle class family in a small town outside the city. Starting in junior high, when she began to blossom, Kim learned to make her stunning good looks work for her. She coasted through high school, then paid for community college with some part-time modeling gigs. After her best friend almost died from a coke overdose, Kim swore off the catwalk and the accompanying lifestyle. Offered a primo gig at Butler & Consick after getting her two year degree, Kim thought that she was set for life.

She started off as a receptionist in Accounts Receivable, but used her beauty, flirting acumen, and some rather cutthroat tactics to reach the top. Kim didn’t care about making friends along the way, or had to get hurt. She had her eyes on the prize and everyone else was a necessary sacrifice. Needless to say, she was considered a major bitch by practically all the women.. The men likely would have thought of her the same had they not been blinded by her outward beauty and feminine charms.

Rick Butler sat back at his desk with a smile. As only 34 years of age, he was already one of the most affluent men in the area. Just a year ago he had bought out his partner, Lisa Consick, to become sole owner of the prestigious consulting company. The two had been friends during college, and this company was the result of many late-night brainstorming sessions.

Relations between the two were strained. Lisa had wanted to use the outrageous profits to sow back into the community, providing grants and scholarships for students from low-income areas. Rick was more of a bottom-line kind of guy, caring much less about the people than how much gold was flowing into his coffers. He enjoyed the high life, and everything that came with it. Lisa was now off doing grant work for a charitable foundation and enjoying her life much more. Rick was driving a $150,000 car and living in a $2.5 million dollar mansion by the lake.

At the moment, Rick’s movie-star features were twisted into a cruel smirk. One thing he never told anyone, not even his wife or any of his mistresses, was that he was a feeder. He had cultivated his fetish for many years, keeping it a secret in the deep dark recesses of his mind. Now he practically salivated at the chance to live out of his most cherished fantasies.
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Xbltwit 9 years
Part 1 is the better part of the story
Chubbybellygirl 11 years
Love this story, the pace of it and the tone. I have a thing for forced gain so this is just perfect.
Snr6424 14 years
Thanks everyone, glad you liked Part 1. smiley
Td0057 14 years
Great story! Very well written. Really like the reluctant eating and fattening. Thanks much!