Consequences part 2

Chapter 1

It was the Wednesday after the company picnic. Kim waddled out of the office, again staying late to make sure she was one of the last to leave. Rick was still in his office, but of course it wasn’t like she could avoid him. The shame of being revealed for a fattened pig at the picnic still caused her ears to burn.

Huffing and puffing by the time she got to her car, she grimaced as she saw her reflection in the car window. The Eclipse was sleek and sporty, but she herself was now portly and corpulent. Rummaging through her purse for her keys, she cursed as she realized that she had left it in her desk.

Already slightly perspiring from the trek out to the parking lot, she didn’t enjoy the thought of walking all the way back to her office. Grunting in displeasure, she waddled back toward the front doors of the building. Painfully aware of how out of shape she had become, she collapsed into her desk chair and opened up the drawer. As she was getting her keys, she heard some muffled noises from Rick’s office.

She crept to the closed door and pressed her ear against it. There was definitely a feminine gasping sound coming from within. Kim’s lips curled into an evil grin, this was her chance! Quickly she dug her camera from her purse, dialing it to video mode.

Making sure it was filming, she swung the door open and help up the camera to record the amazing sight. Brenda, a blonde hussy from the second floor, was bent over Rick’s desk, her hands splayed against the perfectly polished maple. Kim got a perfect profile shot of Rick boinking her from behind.

For a moment the two stared at Kim in horror, their mouths forming perfect O’s. Kim just chuckled as Rick suddenly came to himself, pulling of Brenda and yanking up his pants. Brenda pulled up her skirt and ran from the room, trying to cover her face. After Rick had a moment to recover, he looked at Kim.

“You will give me that camera,” he said.

Kim just grinned, she knew she now had the upper hand. It was well known that Rachel, Rick’s wife, was a jealous selfish shrew. If she got her hands on proof of Rick’s infidelity she would waste no time in divorcing him and taking all the worldly wealth that he had worked so hard to obtain.

Kim didn’t bother with a verbal reply. She made a point of pressing the “Stop” button, then turned and strode out the door. She felt lighter than she had in months, enjoying the thought of Rick sweating it out until she decided what she wanted to do with him.


At 8:00am Kim walked into Rick’s office. She already knew exactly what she was going to say. It had come to her in an epiphany at 2 in the morning, when she had been woken by her growling belly. As she sleepily munched on a package of cookies she cursed Rick for all he had inflicted on her and wished that he could experience what he had done to her.

“Ok, what do you want?” Rick asked nervously.

There were shadows under his eyes, and his normally perfect hair was slightly disheveled. Obviously he had not slept well.

“Oh Rick,” Kim replied as she perched herself on the edge of his desk. “I don’t want a lot. No, you’re actually going to get off very easily. I think a small raise is in order, say another $15,000 a year? And I want those tapes of me taking from the petty cash. Thirdly, you’re going to reinstate my gym access and no more feeding me.”

“Ok, ok,” Rick agreed. “That sounds good. Thank you, um, for being so reasonable.”

“Oh, one more thing,” Kim said. Rick gulped.

“I’ve decided,” she continued, “that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. In other words, you’re now going to be on the receiving end of this whole feeding scheme. And you better cut back on gym time. I want to see, how did you put it……..significant progress. Oh yeah, those four bitches that keep bringing me snacks. I want you to let them know that every morning they come into work there will be a basket of food for them. If they want to keep their jobs then the baskets better be empty by the end of the day. How’s that sound, luv?”

Rick felt a pit in his stomach and his mouth had gone dry. This wasn’t supposed to happen. He nodded dumbly, unable to think of an escape.

Kim poked her head into his office during the middle of the afternoon. She smiled at the empty pizza box on his desk. His belt was loosened and the top button of his slacks was undone. Rick was definitely looking a little rough, his face flushed and his breathing labored.

“Don’t forget to finish the candy bars before you leave,” Kim reminded him with a smile.

That day Kim left slightly early, making sure to walk past the desks of Julie, Colleen, Cynthia and Roberta. She reveled in their glares, already having made plans for baskets of muffins, brownies, cookies, and other treats to begin appearing at their desks tomorrow morning.


Kim got off the treadmill after about fifteen minutes of brisk walking. Her sizeable chest rose and fell dramatically as she struggled to catch her breath. Her size 18 workout gear wasn’t flattering, highlighting rather than hiding her added bulk. A thick roll of fat spilled over the top of her spandex pants and a noticeable tremor moves up her calves and thighs into her bulbous rear with each step. Patting her face with a towel, she had to admit that she was woefully out of shape.

Once she had gotten free of Rick’s clutches, she had envisioned months of 3 hour gym visits and tiny meals of fruits and vegetables. So far, things hadn’t been working out that way. She barely had the stamina to burn more than a couple hundred calories at the gym before waddling out in exhaustion. Sure, she ate more salad now, but also red meat, fried foods, and sweets galore. It seemed that her stomach had become used to rich, heavy fare and was unhappy with her attempt to switch back to her old diet.

Later, at home in the shower, she moaned in relief as the hot water soothed her aching muscles. As she soaped up her softened body, she couldn’t keep from caressing her large, sensitive breasts until her nipples stiffened in arousal. Running her hands over bloated gut, she reached down further between her fattened thighs.

As she started to stimulate herself, she mentally pictured a massive feast. Platters of thick steak, juicy chicken, mounds of pasta and bowl after bowl of decadent desserts sat before her. With abandon she dug in, her belly swelling larger and larger as she gorged. In her mind’s eye she fattened with each bite, her thighs growing into thick trunks, her hips widening and spilling out to the sides, her gargantuan gut hanging down her knees.

With a gasp she came, thighs clenching together as her knees went weak. After surfacing from that beautiful haze, she realized what she had been fantasizing about. She shook her head in mute horror, unwilling to accept what had just transpired. Kim cursed, Rick would pay for what he had done to her!
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Moonsilk 8 years
Best part was when the boss got fat. So hawt
Chubbybellygirl 11 years
Mmmm, more fabulous writing.
Snr6424 11 years
I'm afraid no plans for that, but I'm glad you enjoyed the story. :-)
Azerty 11 years
Thank you, a very good story. A Consequences part 3 ?
Snr6424 12 years
Thanks lodgebeaver, I'm really glad you enjoyed. smiley
Snr6424 13 years
Thanks Jester. I never really planned on doing any more with this story, I'm not even sure I'd know where to go with it. Any suggestions?
Snr6424 14 years
Thank YOU!
Snr6424 14 years
Thanks mix, I'm really glad you liked it. As of right now I wasn't really planning on doing a Part 3 but go ahead and run with it if you'd like. I certainly don't mind people adding onto my stories.
Snr6424 14 years
Thanks Edit, I replaced 5 with what it should have been.

Thankd td, I appreciate the feedback. Glad you enjoyed.
Td0057 14 years
Great story! Like the ending as well. Nice to know that somewhere out there those two are still expanding away...