Continuation of living the fat life

Chapter 1

Continuation from "Living the Fat Life"

Helen’s mother who loved to cook put together a large meal for them. The appetizers consisted of 4 helpings of creamed crab on english muffin, 2 whole pizzas and 2 plates of shrimp scampi. The main course consisted of a large roast, 2 whole chickens, 10 mashed potatoes with melted butter poured all over them lots of sour cream and gravy and a dozen hot biscuits with butter and honey. Dessert consisted of a large Tiramisu cake, and a whole chocolate raspberry truffle cake then a gallon of thick creamy custard. All of that is what both Helen and Winston each had.

Over dinner Winston said, “Life has been good to me. I invested in the software business. I am now retired with a very nice house. I would like you to come and visit me”. Helen agreed to that so they sat down for a short time after dinner and Winston called for his car. When it arrived it was a chauffeur-driven limousine. The two of them got into the back seat taking up the whole seat. The seat-belts fit them. Winston had it made that way. Winston’s house was about a fifty-mile drive out of town but when they arrived Helen was very impressed that Winston had an entire estate. It was a huge house with many bedrooms. As they entered the butler took their coats and they sat down in the living room. A servant came up to Helen and asked if he could bring her something. She asked what they had and she chose cake from a list of things. In a few minutes a large sheet-sized chocolate cake came in with about an inch thick icing. Winston had a custard pie. In about half an hour, Helen ate the whole cake. After the cake, the housekeeper showed Helen to her room after she said good night to Winston. The bed was huge, and it was a king sized bed. The housekeeper pointed out a little buzzer that Helen could push if she wanted anything. Helen laid herself down and went fast asleep.

In the morning when Helen woke up she pushed the buzzer and a servant came in. “Can I bring you something?” he asked. “Breakfast is being cooked but perhaps you would like something to tie you over until then.” She said she would take some cereal. The servant brought in a box full of Captain Crunch and a quart of cream. He poured the cereal into a large mixing bowl and poured the cream, the whole quart on top of it and gave her a large spoon. Helen was finished that bowl of cereal by the time breakfast was ready.

When she sat down to breakfast she was seated on an extra large chair that was bigger than she was and was very comfortable. The waiter brought breakfast, a 12-egg omelette for Helen, and another one for Winston. Helen then had 3 pounds of bacon, and a pound of ham, then 12 pancakes, each of them platter sized and each of them covered with half a pound of melted butter, doused in syrup and covered in real whipped cream, then 3 pounds of sausages, 4 loaves of bread, sliced buttered and jellied the 8 cans of peaches and a gallon of cream. Winston told her that breakfast which was from 7 in the morning to 12 noon, will be followed by dinner main course. Helen was really enjoying this meal and never giving a thought to how much weight she would put on.

The main course came for dinner. First the appetizers, 4 pepperoni pizzas 10 breaded pork chops, 2 buckets of Kentucky fried chicken and 2 platters of fried potatoes cooked in all the grease then 4 dozen shrimp scampi. Then the main course. 2 entire salmon, a whole turkey, a beef roast and a pork roast, and an entire rack of lamb about 10 potatoes with about 10 pounds of butter poured onto them and lots of sour cream and gravy.

It was about 4 o’clock and time for dessert. An whole cheesecake arrived covered in real whipped cream. Helen requested another until she had 4 of them. She had then 6 coconut cream pies. Then 4 more sheet cakes, 2 gallons of ice cream then 4 dozen truffles cakes. It was then she washed it down with about 5 gallons of thick and creamy egg nog then finished off the day with 12 boxes of chocolates.

It was about 10 o’clock at night and she was just about to go to bed. The waiter brought her another stack of 5 dozen Napoleon pastries. She then drank down another 2 gallons of egg nog. Before she went to bed, Winston asked her if she would like to stay another few days. She then said, “I could take another six months of this. I enjoyed myself today.”

Winston said, “You got it.”

For the next six months, every day was one big long meal for Helen. It became apparent to both Helen and Winston that this was going to become permanent for both of them. They both enjoyed the huge meals together and they were getting fat together.

Sometimes Helen’s mother dropped by and she was very proud of the way her daughter was being fed. Both Helen and Winston had trouble getting up so Winston bought them both a patient lift system so neither of them would have to get up. At the end of six months, Helen and Winston were married. Neither of them knew how much they weighed so Winston bought an industrial scale that would go on the crane of the patient lift system. It turned out that Helen weighed 840 lbs and Winston was 790 lbs. Both were now immobile.

The daily routine of everyday becoming one big long meal continued. Five years have gone buy now. Helen was having basically the same breakfasts but about quadruple the portions. For the dinner portions it is almost entirely dessert and sweet things. This has made her fat so flabby it is like liquid. Helen now weighs around 6,500 lbs and Winston is not far behind at around 6,200. They continue to gain and no one knows where they will stop.
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