Cute n' chubby boyfriend

Chapter 1 - beginnings

Tyler wasn't always a big guy. In spring of 2011, he stood 5'6 and around 150. He had a teeny bit of a belly but was pretty small overall. It's a miracle he wasn't any bigger, as his diet consisted primarily of cookies, milkshakes, and cheesebread. Walking to classes at university was enough to stave off the weight gain, but after graduation everything changed.

First, Tyler started seriously dating a girl, Ana. He hadn't been in a relationship for a while, and was new to being back in the dating world. Second, he started a desk job, where he drove to work, sat at a desk 40hrs a week, eating out lunches, and drove home, where his girlfriend would cook and bake for him.

The pounds came on pretty quickly, much to his girlfriend's delight. She wasn't inherently into fat guys, but something about him putting on weight turned her on. As his belly got rounder, she got more and more turned on and worked harder to make his life more convenient...and delicious.

When Tyler and Ana would get home from work, she would make him one of his favorite milkshakes and rub his feet. She waited on him hand and foot, making sure he never had to get up to do anything. As Tyler was inherently a lazy type of guy, he was happy to be able to watch TV and play on his laptop while someone took care of him. Ana would cook fattening dinners, as Tyler wouldn't eat any vegetables either way, and was an incredibly picky. Most food he would eat was deep fried or sugary. Most nights, he would eat six or seven of the chocolate chip cookies Ana would make, along with a shake or glass of whole milk, and whatever high calorie dish Ana made for him that night.

Around 170 pounds, Tyler started to finally notice his weight gain. He would complain to Ana about how his pants fit, not realizing how much she loved watching him struggle to button his size 34s, with his newly tight shirt showing a rounding belly and man boobs that were becoming more and more defined.

Tyler's love of fattening food, takeout, and lazy nature kept the pounds coming on. As Tyler gains more and more wait, Ana becomes more and more into his body. She loves the stretch marks alongside his stomach and thighs and the way his belly protrudes in the now always tight teeshirts. When his shirt scrunches up, she can feel herself get wet looking at his chubby belly sticking out the underside of his clothes.

While he grew a large belly, and ample man boobs, he gained weight equally throughout his body. His thighs became thicker to the point where he would complain about walking because of the chafing. His ass, which was always a little round and large, expanded rapidly. He was soon nearing 200 pounds and wearing size 38 pants.

Tyler did not enjoy his weight gain as much as Ana. He would complain constantly about getting fat, but didn't do anything to change it. As many times as he would mention he wanted to start exercising, he would never end up off the couch. He would complain about his weight gain in the middle of eating ice cream. Part of the problem was his parents, who would call him obese and tell him to lose weight every time they saw him. Despite his own and his parents desires to lose weight, he made no real attempts and topped out around 200 pounds.

Ana loved sex with Tyler now that he was bigger. They had their little ritual that she greatly enjoyed. Watching him eat dinner always turned her on. It wasn't long after that she would coax him into the bedroom. She loved having him sit at the edge of the bed as she took his cock in her mouth. The way his belly overhung and looked so round when he was sitting down was so sexy to her. She would grab his large lovehandles and take all of him in her mouth. She'd look up at his massive belly and double chin and wanted to make her chubby boyfriend cum, and reward him for that sexy body she loved so much.

After a minute he'd pull her onto the bed and under him. She'd feel his weight on her top of her and *need* him inside of her. Having him on top she could grab his man boobs and plump sides, and squeeze his plump ass. She loved having all of this body there for her to explore.

He could never last long on top, as he quickly tired from his lack of exercise and generally sedentary lifestyle. This was okay with Ana, as she liked spreading her legs to straddle him, accommodating his newly thick body. She would watch his belly jiggle from the motion of thrusting into her and kiss the skin around his neck which was incredibly soft from the fat he gained there. She'd watch his facial expression, turned on by his now permanent double chin. Looking down at his body and being able to run her hands all over his doughy flesh was a huge turn on for her, and with the view of his girlfriend in such ecstacy, Tyler would come quickly.

Ana loved her post sex ritual almost as much as the sex itself. Ana would begin rubbing Tyler's distended belly, and as much as he would normally protest out of self-consciousness, Ana knew he enjoyed it, and would always let her do it post sex. This would immediately relax him and put him to sleep, laying on his back with his plump body still free for Ana to roam. She felt like he was most natural this way, lazily sleeping, snoring as girlfriend worshipped her most favorite feature of his and hoped he'd want a snack later. She'd love to see him get to a sexy 225lb.
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oh noooo. please continue it because you will make me the saddest woman on this earth :c
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Great work! smiley Loved it.
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Thanks for sharing your sexy story!
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Good start! I hope this isn't the end.
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oh that was such a perfect turn on ;-) as it was near my own weight ;-)
really nicely written such cute characters, too^^