First time for everything

Chapter 1

I shifted uncomfortably while waiting at the front door. I smoothed a hand down my shirt, grazing the curve of my midsection. Nervous would be a severe understatement to describe what I was feeling, but I knew that I wanted this. Bad.

The door opened and she stood there with a grin. I saw her eyes fall to scan my body as she leaned on the doorframe.

“Mmm… come in.”

I stepped inside and kicked off my shoes. As I paused to examine the interior of her house, a pair of hands slid around my waist and began to fondle my belly.

I bit my lip. Never before had someone else touched me there, it felt amazing. After a tight squeeze, her hands travelled underneath my shirt and on to my warm skin. Grasping the underside, she gently shook it, sending a wave of pleasure throughout my body.

“My, you’re softer than I thought.” She whispered into my ear.

I smiled sheepishly. Her hands left my body as she walked to the kitchen. Within seconds I wanted them back there. Soon. I thought to myself.

She returned with three boxes of pizza and a covered tray which I assumed held a cake. I licked my lips and absentmindedly rubbed my empty belly.

“Follow me.” She said with a grin as she led me to her bedroom. After placing the food on the nightstand she stood up in front of me. “Good, you wore the sweatpants like I told you.” She slid a finger in the waistband and snapped them. Seeming pleased, she smirked. “Now, about this shirt.”

Before I could react, she grabbed it and pulled it off. Eyes fixed on my gut for a moment, she grinned. “Ready?” She asked, licking her lips.

“Ready.” I said with a blush.

She pushed me down onto the bed, making my belly jiggle. I positioned myself at the front of the bed, reclining on a stack of pillows. I patted my belly and grinned at her.

She smirked and turned to get the first box of pizza. Grabbing the first slice, she straddled me and leaned in close.

“Open wide” She purred.

I happily obliged and felt the pizza move into my waiting mouth. I took a bite and tilted my head back to let out a sigh of pleasure. I could’ve never imagined it to be this good. I finished chewing and opened my mouth for more, and more, and more. She used her other hand to massage and rub my supple belly. I barely noticed when the first pizza was done. She reached for the second box.

“How is it?” She said through hungry eyes.

“So good.” I moaned.

She squirmed. I could tell she was enjoying this almost as much as I was. She lifted the first slice to my lips. As I chewed she continued exploring my belly. I could feel myself getting hard and I could tell when she noticed because she raised her eyebrows and smirked as her eyes grew hungrier. Slice after slice was packed into my growing belly. With her help, I made short work of the second and third pizza. After the very last bite of the final slice was placed in my mouth, her newly free other hand dropped to my belly as well. I placed my hands over hers and pressed them into my yielding flesh with a moan. I was full, very full, but I wanted to be stuffed.

“Mmm… I can feel how full you are.”

“More” I breathed.

I could feel her rubbing herself up against me. “As you wish.” She picked up the tray to reveal that I was right in my cake assumption, a huge fattening-looking chocolate cake.

It looked so good and I was already so aroused that I just couldn’t help myself. I reached out and starting stuffing my face with it. Creamy and delicious, it seemed to melt in my mouth. I let out a loud moan and felt her legs tighten around me. She joined in and began to help shove the rich handfuls of cake into my mouth. The cake seemed to disappear and I felt as if I was ready to burst.

I licked the remains off of my fingers and hers. She leaned in just a couple inches from my face.

“Your appetite is incredible.”

“I can’t believe I ate that much. I’ve never felt so full before.” I gazed at her through half lidded eyes.

She continued to stroke my full belly, rubbing it tenderly, rousing another moan from me. As our eyes met again she leaned in once more and met my lips. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her deeper. “Mmm… you taste so good.” She moaned.

“All thanks to you.” I smirked.

“You’re going to make me so fat.”

“Oh baby, you already are.” She replied, shaking a handful of flab.

“Fatter.” I breathed. “I know you’d just love that wouldn’t you? You’d love to keep stuffing me until I can’t move, watching me grow, fattening me up.” I was teasing her now. She was all mine.

“Oh god yes…” She kissed even harder. She slid from on top of me to my side and continued kissing me while kneading my tender belly. She moved her hand lower and grabbed my groin. I moaned loudly and rolled on top of her. “Oh my god… So fat…” Her hands moved across every inch of my body she could reach. “Please” she panted. “Fuck me.”

I stopped for a moment, glancing down at her. Her eyes still looked as if she wanted to devour me. I sat up, letting her slip her top off, and then helped her remove her pants as she did with mine.

I pounced back on top of her. The feel of her bare skin on mine excited me even more. Our lips met again and she continued to feel the expanse of my flesh. She yelped when I finally entered her, with a face that nearly caused me to lose it. Slowly I began to thrust. Her fingers dug, or rather sunk, into my soft back. She was incredibly tight, and moved her body with mine in a way that felt incredible. Her hands roamed my body, kneading my belly like dough.
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Verychubbyte... 11 months
I applaud you beautiful story, great work, thank you and hope you write some more, you have a wonderful fattening gift
FrecherTyp 9 years
oh my i just read it again and well exactly like that !!!! smiley
FrecherTyp 12 years
wow sexy and turning me on somehow ^^
Chubbybellygirl 12 years
Very nice, stuffing and sex, perfect.
Littleextra 12 years
Superb! smiley
Gainerfan1 12 years
Great story Nooks!