Just another day

Chapter 1

"Good morning!" Penny said as she rippped the covers off their king sized bed revealing a sleepy and slightly irritated husband.

"Mmmmr." Rex grunted as he pulled his legs up into the fetal position and curled up and turned to face the wall.

"Oh don't give me that crap. Get up. It's eleven."

"Nooooo....sleeeeeeep..& quot; He said as he softly grunted the words out.

"Please babe."

"Why do you continue to insist that I get up before lunch? Hmmm?" He retorted at her with a sly grin.

"Uh...because I CAN!" Penny leaped on to their bed and procceded to jump on it. Rex's head slamed on the matress and then was flung up into the air several times due to the fact that his wife was jumping on their bed to wake him up. He lay there with dead weight as his body flopped and bounced as Penny jumped on their bed. He had no expression. This had happened many times in the past when she had tried to wake him and failed at it until she bounced his fat lazy ass off the matress.

"OK! I'M AWAKE WOMAN!" He said as he fell off the bed and landed flat on his belly.

"Oh good....I was worried you were dead." She giggled at him and stepped over his mass and and out the bedroom door. They had been marrried for four years and they were twenty-six. He stood about 6'2'' and Penny was around 5'2''. She had a light frame with nice hips and a goood sized chest which often caused Rex to get distracted when they spoke. She was about 120lbs and Rex was exactly 188lb and had a noticable pot belly that stuck out. He had a wonderful shiny coat of fur which glissened in the sun and was velvet to the touch. His fur was a jet black with rottweiler markings. But of course they both were rotties so obviously t ey had those markings. He had a light shade of red in his clay colored areas. But his and Penny's hair was brown.

"Mmm." He grunted as Penny clinked pots and pans in the kitchen. She was making something that he knew and liked. Spaghetti. He quickly rolled on his back and then turned onto his side. His pot belly sat in his lap as he sat cross legged and rubbed the back of his neck and arched his back to stretch.

"Is that what I think it is?" He asked with a slight tone of that of a person being accused.

"Maybe. What do you think?" She giggled at him and turned around to face her husband. He just smiled and looked over her shoulder to make sure he saw all the ingredients that spaghetti required. It was. Pasta sauce, basil, oregano, garlic, onions, angel hair, and of course, garlic bread. His stomach let out a cry of hunger and Penny's ears pricked up at the thought of her husbands stomach growling.

"Well, someones hungry isn't he?" She asked.

"You bet."
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FrecherTyp 9 years
mh that was really a sweet lovely story ^^
Ilikemalebel... 12 years
Ilikemalebel... 12 years
Their called furries. Yeah. You'd be suprised on how much people enjoy reading and writting stories about furries that are fat.