New guy in town

Chapter 1 - arrival

The sound of "American Ride" was blarring as Rex came rolling into the driveway like a bullet. He had a shit eating grin across his face and that crazy look he got. Penny just stood there on their front porch with her hands on her hip and smiled and rolled her eyes. She thought to herself

"What the hell did he do this time?". It wasn't unlike him to act like this but he did have an odd happy look across his dumb face.

"What did or do you have this time?" Penny yelled to him.

"Hahaha! Something!" He yelled back crawling out of his truck and turning his back to her and reaching over his center consoule.

"What you got hun?" She asked with a worried look across her face.

"Just a little somethin'."

"No shit, but what is-" Her face brightend up as soon as she saw what was craddeled in the nest of Rex's arms. It was a baby bulldog. "Oh my God! you got a puppy!" She sceeched.

"Sure thing." He smiled and lifted the pup into the air so she could have a better look.

"Oh Rex how much was he? She?"

"He. And he was at a very good price. Fifty bucks for this little guy. Got 'em cheap cause one of the fire fighter's dogs had pups so I placed an ordah." She smiled and stroked the pup. He was just a few months old and was a chubby little thing. Rex walked up the stairs and handed him to Penny. She nuzzled him and hugged the pup and gave him a kiss and placed him on the porch.

"What should we name him hun?" Penny asked Rex and hugged him and gave him a giant hug.

"I was thinkin' Cooper. I like those brandah tires and it's a good boys name I think. What do ya think?" He wrapped an arm around her hip and leaned his head on hers. and

"I like it!" She wrapped her arms round him and squeezed and buried her head in his chest. "It's a perfect name."

"Glad you like it hun." Rex said with a smile

"He's a cutie. Our little Cooper. Wait is he a pure breed?"

"He sure is. Pure bred English Bulldog. I met the parents, good dogs too. Very well behaved and obedient. He should be easy to train." He winked.
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