A gaining friendship

Chapter 1

Rex was a big guy. At 6 foot 2 he had a potbelly for a man of 20. He could eat alot when he needed to or if he wanted too. But he was afraid people would think of him as a "fatty". His mother got into fitness when he was about 15, almost 16. And she was serious about it. His father has crohns disease and was always a small guy even though he stood at five-ten. Although Rex had crohns disease, he always seem to gain or maintain his weight quite well. He made it a point to make sure he didn't look like a fat guy when he went out to eat. He tried...that didn't always go over like he planned though.

Rex had a girlfriend in high school. She was one of the kind of popular girls that new everybody and was friends with everybody too. Sh ewas thin and had beautiful dark hair and green eyes. Rex was always chubby. He always seemed to have a potbelly. No matter how hard he worked at trying to lose it, it never budged. His girlfriends parents took a liking to him and enjoyed having him around when Penny and Rex dated. But when she left for college she broke up with him, against her will though. He was crushed.

Rex had been shopping in the near by Hannfords. He was in the pasta area. Of course. He heard his name being shouted. He just dismissed it as him being crazy. He has Bipolar disorder and he assumed it was just his mind toying with him. He heard it again and turned around to see Kate. Penny's mother.

"Rex!" She shouted at him fom the down the isle. He waved back with a big smile on his face and a box of thin spaghetti in his hand by his side. She walked over to him and hugged him tighter then he thought she could.

"Rex," she said. "You look so thin!" With eye's wide open she said while staring at the middle of his shirt.

"Yeah." He said as he shrugged.

After some small talk she mentioned that his "friend" would be in town tommorow. She invited him to dinner at her house with her husband and Rex's "friend". He happily agreed.

He finished his shopping and went on his way home. Thinking of things to say to her. "Hey!" "You look great!" "Wow!" "How have you been?!"

He was to happy to even think about eating tonight. He just walked into the house and put the bags on the table and relaxed in his bed. He had sex fantisies about him and Penny. He remembereed how her hot body pressed against his while he drove deeper into her. He remebered the noises she made when he would thrust himself into her harder and harder. He remebered the first time they even made love together up in her big bedroom and trying to be quiet cause her younger brother was home. He fell asleep to the thoughts of him and her together.
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FrecherTyp 9 years
ok where can i order that for real life ? ;-)

oh my this was really lovely and such a sweet beginning relationship ...just perfect ;-)

i want exactly that ^^ in the meantime i will have to read your so excellent written stories ^^

have a nice w
Ilikemalebel... 11 years
Aww thanks smiley
FrecherTyp 11 years
sooo sexy so cute so amazing can i meet such a girl ^^ ? :-)

please more 0.0 ;-)
Ilikemalebel... 12 years
Thanks so much smiley
GutLovingGirl 12 years
soooooo good! and sounds like heaven to me smiley
Ilikemalebel... 12 years
Thanks smiley
Td0057 12 years
Really like this story, thanks!
Ilikemalebel... 12 years
Thanks so much smiley
Fatrnfatr 12 years
This is a very romantic, sweet story. Sexy too!