Dinner and a show

Chapter 1

"Relax. Your fine, my parents like you anyway." She had usually said that to him when it mean't a long period of eating and talking at her parents house. But she was right...they DID like him and they DID enjoy having him as part of the family. The only problem was, Penny's grandparents were very religious and belived that he was a demon from hell, ready to take commands and destroy the world. They would always say to him:

"Rexford, why aren't you baptized? You know your going to hell. You'll rot there for all eternity." Penny's grandfather said.

"Ugh. I've told you before. I'm an atheist. I don't believe in heaven or hell. I believe in science and that we have souls and were reincarnated, that's it. Nothing more nothing less."

"Well your going to hell anyway. I hope you enjoy it demon." He usually said this by sticking up his nose and and looking over his shoulder as he walked away.

"Dumb ass." Was what Rex said mumbling.

"I know they like me...I'm just worried your grandparents will be there. They hate me."

"It's my fathers parents that hate you, not my mothers side." She said while grabbing his waist and pulling it close to hers.

"Mmhm. What's for dinner anyway? I hope it's something to do with pasta." He said while looking off into space. Even with the front part of her pelvis pressed against his, food was the only thing that would keep him from noticing something like that. He usually clicked when she would put her hands in places only she could touch and only places that are very sensitive. But food would snap him out of it. But only Kate's, Penny's, and Maggie's cooking could turn him into a drooling hound from hunger, instead of sexual desire.

"I think it's your favorite. Spaghetti." She said as she hugged him tighter.

"Mmmm. I love your Mom's pasta. It's like an orgasm in the mouth."

"Yes I'm sure it is." She teased him.

"Hello!" Kate said as Rex and Penny walked through the solid oak door that led into the house.

"How've you been you two? Anything new Rex? How bout you Honey?"

"I'm fine, and were great." Penny said as she smiled and hugged her mother. Her father leaned against the frame of the arch leading into the kitchen. The kitchen was a straight shot through the living room. Stairs to the left and a sun room to the right. The bedrooms where up the stairs and down a large hallway.

"Ooo, something smells good. Is it pasta?" Rex asked with drool pooling in his mouth and the sweet scent of tomato sauce drifted up his nostrils.

"Why yes it is. You have quite the sniffer." She giggled at this and tapped his nose.

"Ah yes...I love pasta, I can smell it from anywhere." He said with a huge smile on his face.

"Yeah we all know that." Penny said teasingly while rolling her eye's. He was right, it was pasta. His favorite. Spaghetti. They went and sat at the table with Will. Penny's father. He offered some Sam Adam's to both Rex and Penny. She declined and instead got up and retrieved a glass of red wine. Rex gladly took the offer and sucked it down. He felt the fire of the alcohol hit his belly and crawl up into his chest and flush his cheeks. Having fur...it was barely noticeable. He enjoyed the feeling of alcohol in his system. Being an alcoholic, he always enjoyed booze and took up every offer. He wasn't a mean drunk, though on occasions he did blackout. Usually it resulted with him pinning Penny to the bed and making out with her. She figured it was easier to just let him have his way then to argue with him, he never hurt her when he was intoxicated. If anything he was very affectionate.

"Looks great. Is there garlic bread too?" Rex asked

"Yeah..it's almost done. It's homemade." She said and placed a plate in front of him. He felt his stomach growl as the scent of homemade sauce and bread filled his nose. It was a pleasant smell. The garlic, basil, oregano, tomatoes, and olive oil filled the air with their amazing smells.
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