Pain in the gut

Chapter 1

What happens when a 230lb man goes out to eat with his FFA wife? Alot happens, plates get cleaned, food goes to good use, and belts and zippers break. Simple as that. Even better when it's a chinese food buffet. It's Tin Tin buffet and it's very popular amongst locals. There's tables apon tables of food! American food, chinese food, fried foods. Sooo much food its unbelievable.

"Good morning!" Penny said as she sat down next to Rex and stroked his hip, and of course he was sleeping.

"Mpf, wha?" He grunted out.

"I said good morning sweetheart." She restated. Rex just twitched his ears and attempted to roll on to his back.

"Ah yes, good morning hun." He said with a smile and right on cue his belly let out a loud rumble and he turned beet red. Penny just laughed and Rex tried to hide his emmbarisment.

After getting ready and brushing their teeth and spending some cuddle time together they headed off to Tin Tin to try and burst Rex's belly. All the while when they were snuggleing and getting ready, his belly let out steady rumbles of hunger and Penny would respond with a laugh and a pat on his stomach. But first there needs to be breakfast. Breakfast at Lucky Loggers to be exact.

"Hello sir. How many is in your party?" The hostess asked.

"Just us two." He replied. He had a worried look on his face and the hostess noticed it right a way. He had good reason to worry, his day was going to consist of eating till he burst or puked, and Penny wasn't going to go easy on him. Even though he was worried, he knew he could do it. His belly was empty and his spirits were high.

"Alright follow me you two." The hostess replied as she spun on her heels and started toward a booth near the kitchen.

"Can I get ypou two anything while you wait?" The hostess asked.

"Um, yes orange soda please." Penny said.

"And for you sir?"

"Uh, uh, mountain dew please, I guess. Please." Rex stuttered out.


"Are you laughing at me?"

"No hun. Uh. Uh. Hahahah!"

"Thats not funny. I wasn't ready for her yet. God I hope they have mountain dew here. I love that shit. Hey what are you gunna order?"

" I think an egg and and some toast. You?"

"Thats it?!" Rex said as his mouth hung open. Even thought she never ate much he figured she'd eat more then an egg and some toast.

"Oh. Would you prefer I order a huge meal and have you finish it??" She questioned with a sarcastic look on her face.

"No! I want to be able to walk out to the car after this."

"Oh don't worry hun, you will be able to walk after breakfast. But lunch is going to be different." Penny said then raised her glass of water to her mouth and grined from behind it.

"Why is lunch goingf to be different?" He tilted his head and perked his ears.

"Because at breakfast I'm allowing you to order for yourself. Lunch I'm ordering, serveing, and telling you what to eat. And if you argue your gunna get more and more on your plate, but if your good and do as your told you'll be fine."

"Oh. Your gunna be mean to me aren't you?" His faced turned from curiosity to worry and pain.

"No sweetie. Just a little aggresive." She said as she winked and sipped from her water.
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