Kelly's lesson

Chapter 1

Kelly sat there staring out of the window, daydreaming as she waited for the lesson to come to an end. It was a beautiful day outside and she was stuck indoors. At that moment the bell went. “And I want the assignment in a week today,” said the PE teacher, as the class quickly filled out into the corridors.

It was health week at the school and the whole class had been given a report to do on staying fit and healthy. The topics ranged from drugs, alcohol abuse and eating healthily. And that is what Kelly had been given the task of doing, composing a report on the health problems associated with obesity in teenagers.

Kelly wasn’t exactly able to write a first hand account on the matter, for she had never been the slightest bit overweight. She watched what she ate and the most she would ever gain was 1 or 2 pounds. A few weeks later and through a miniscule amount of effort any excess flab would have been satisfactorily removed. Kelly’s high metabolism meant that she would find it hard to put on any noticeable weight at all. As a result, at the age of 18 years old and in her last year of school, she had yet to experience any “weight issues”. In fact most of the time she could simple eat what she liked, and it wouldn’t cause her any problems.

She kept her weight around 120lbs, only deviating a couple of pounds over long periods of time. The result was she had hardly any fat on her 5ft 4 frame. She had bright blonde hair and lovely blue eyes to match. She had a generous back side and perky C cup boobs to the jealousy of her friends. But the real thing that made Kelly stand out was her totally unblemished skin. It was amazing. There was not a single mark to diminish it. To be honest, it was perfect. She really was one of the most desirable girls in the school, and being kind and clever resulted in her having her fair share of boyfriends down the years. She was single at the current time but surely it wouldn’t be long until the next guy came along.

Once at home she started on her homework, electing to leave the project to a later date. Once that was done it was time for dinner. Pizza, 2 slices, and a bowl of salad was enough to fill her small flat stomach. The fact that Kelly’s appetite had never been huge was another reason why she had such an amazing figure.

As the days went by the project was predictably left, as it was with the majority of the class. As always it came down to the day before the project was due in when Kelly started it.

“It’s only got to be 3 pages long. That won’t take me long,” she managed to convince herself. She started to researching the problems on the internet, which included: potential health problems, stories about bullying and all the other usual things like that. But then she came across something that totally surprised her. It was the whole concept of feedees and feeders. All she could think of was why would people want to be fat. She couldn’t understand it.

She eventually came to writing a conclusion for the assignment, and to finish it off she had to include an opinion. After much deliberation she wrote, “After researching this project I can say that the obesity epidemic is a major problem throughout the western world. I personally think that a tax should be placed on those who are fat as it is currently putting an awful strain on the health service. I believe people should be punished for being fat. They have a choice to be skinny, but they have chosen to be greedy and just ruin their health by eating so much.”

That said pretty clearly what Kelly thought about the subject. In reality she was pretty angry that fat people could just let themselves go. She felt that if she had no problem keeping herself skinny, then why should anyone else. She printed what she had written off and went to bed.
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Matt1234 13 years
I'll see what I can do weddingday smiley
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i loved it
please make another one but with the same base of the devil
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Brilliant story!! Keep it up : )