Kylie gets her man

Chapter 1

Kylie Svenson was a cute little blonde saxophonist. She was first chair in the Jr. Honor band for the Eastern Shore of Maryland. After days of preparing for their concert the Jr. Band was united with the Senior High group to rehearse the combined Grande Finale. It was on that day that she first saw him. "Who is THAT?" she asked another player from a neighboring school district. "That's our first chair senior band trombonist at Chopticon-Mac Joseph." Kylie thought the 12th grade trombone player was gorgeous the moment she laid eyes on him. Unlike many of the other honor band members-he was a well-built weight-thrower. The Captain of the Track and Field team at his high school.Kylie filed his name away in her memory as she prepared to rehearse the 1812 Overture with the huge band.The next year as a freshman she parlayed her musicianship into a high seating in the Senior High honor band.Of course by now Mac was pursuing a Music Degree at Towson. She was taken back when she spotted Mac take a front row seat to watch the concert that night. At the close of the event her friend from Chopticon and she were standing backstage. They thanked their guest conductor-Dr. Gilbert from Towson.Lo and behold -who comes striding up the hall to congratulate his college trombone instructor? Mac Johnson! "Hi Mac" said Kylie's friend Bobbi Gentry from Chopticon."This is my friend from Col. Richardson, Kylie Svenson." "It's nice meeting you Kylie.The concert was wonderful!I wish I could have been on stage with you tonight." In the ensuing years Kylie would rise to first chair again and Mac would always be in attendance-even if the conductor was from Salisbury State or another University.He received credits toward his degree for attending concerts. And he was a down-home boy who loved to visit his home area as well.He always remembered Kylie on each visit as the years went by too. He said to himself "I wish she was older. She is really starting to grow up quite well."

Fast forward to Kylie's freshman year as a computer science major at -guess where- Towson. She was in the band of course,but not on saxophone.She was playing percussion in the pit for the Towson Marching Band. At Homecoming the Alumni Band had a trombone player who had just gotten a teaching job at Arundel Jr. High-Mac Johnson. They ran into each other after the game and started to catch up and reply the days of the Honor Band back home.Suddenly emboldened so much that she even surprised herslf-Kylie asked Mac "Where are you going now?" "I'm going back to my apartment to watch the tube and drink a couple beers." She surprised herself when she said"Don't.Let's go see a movie together." She even had her own beer back at the dorm that an older dormate had hooked her up with. Mac suggested that they just go ride around a bit a have a couple beers.Of course Kylie agreed. As they drove they both proved to be great talkers and many subjects were covered. At one point Mac was talking about his weight training and maintaining his physique. Then Kylie mentioned that she was avoiding the Freshman Fifteen herself so far and still weighed 125 at 5'4" tall. "I was 130 last year but my thighs were huge." Little did she know that Mac enjoyed it when slim girls plumped up. He loved it when some of his college girlfriends had gained The Freshman Fifteen. Or held off somehow ,only to put on the weight sophomore year anyway. This statement was filed away in the young teacher's memory bank for the months to come.
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Jazzman 13 years
Thanks Alice. The last pictures I saw indicate that even after having children-"Kylie" is still about 135. Now there is [b]Another[/b] lover from my past who has done much better!I'll ask her if it's ok to tell our story here.
Jazzman 14 years
Another good point Maximum. Maybe I'll add another story about this. What Could have happened if she hadn't gone to Europe right when things were hot between us.
Maximum 14 years
seems like it was rushed and very little to do with the actual feederism lol
Jazzman 14 years
You got me!LOL I'm always commenting on other stories. A lot of those times I'm the "grammar police" or at the very least the "spelling police." Your point is well taken. I'll be sure to use more paragraphs in my next story. It will be up in less than a week. Thanks. Matt
Guanodog 14 years
nice story, but the use of paragraphs never ever hurt a soul smiley