Fit to fat to fatter

chapter 1 reminiscing

Trish Johnson was Excited! She had been chosen for the A&E show Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit .She would be paired with a former high school teammate named Julie who had gained over 100 pounds in the 10 years since graduation. In 4 months Julie would start reducing on her own while Trish would be attempting to "walk in Julie's shoes". Adopting a sedentary lifestyle and eating whatever her heart desired.The target weight would be 30 percent more than Trish's current muscular 165 lbs.Four months later the trainers and trainees weigh in and work out together to lose the weight and get in shape.
Trish thought back to previous seasons and some of her favorite and least favorite participants. First in her mind was the Beautiful pear shaped Fallon who gained the required amount and along with her client had great success in their comeback. The same Fallon who had gained back 25 lbs a couple years later .Gaining weight back was now a problem because of the new fat cells she had created for the show
Next was another favorite Jessie who had blown past her goal of 170 and gained 51 lbs to land at 181.Despite a few emotional problems she had some interesting experiences along the way. Including her husband getting a little more amorous with her big butt and ballooning boobs.Jessie had arrived at the reunion weigh-in munching on candy with a Big Belly exposed for all to marvel at.
Then Trish grimaced and rolled her eyes thinking about "Crying Carrie " who failed her gain miserably. Supposed to gain 35 and only managed 17 lbs.Carrie spent the 4 months crying and half the time barfing back into her McDonald's bag or getting sick even on quality Italian food as her fat sister drooled over it.A near lifetime of " eating clean " was Carries downfall.She just couldn't stomach junk food or even rich restaurant food.
Trish smiled and thought to herself " This will be an absolute snap for Me.I am a completely different kind of trainer and the only one who actually Has experienced what my clients are going through. I'm so glad they decided to bring me on and shake things up a little ".
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Jazzman 7 months
Thank you for the comments! All of my stories get away from me eventually. Lol. I hope you continue to read this though.
Mikeboi1994 7 months
First chapter is very promising. 😆 I feel like I'm gonna enjoy this. 🙂
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I enjoyed reading this. Thanks