Body by uber

chapter 1 senior year begins

Chelsea stood in her bedroom staring at her reflection dressed in a slightly outgrown bikini. She Loved the image she saw.After 7 years of overeating and trying to get fat she had achieved her first goal.A beautiful hourglass figure straining a size large bikini.She was just past her 21st birthday and at 5'3" she weighed in at 185 lbs! Her senior year at the University held all of the promise of way bigger dreams to come.
Aa Chelsea began to reflect her mind drifted back to freshman year at her private high school.She had just started to understand her feelings that would later be clarified as a Feedee.Back then at at 5'11/2 she weighed in at a quite jiggly 130 lbs.The summer had been one of relaxing and eating to her hearts content. Upon starting school she also discovered that even moderate exercise resulted in weight loss. Most girls would have been thrilled with this discovery.Not Chelsea!
The school had a requirement of playing a sport every season. Having Zero athletic talent Chelsea chose Cross-country .Indoor Track.And in the springtime Track and Field.Posessed of slow footed speed -no jumping ability- and insufficient strength for field events like shot put-Chelsea chose to be a long distance runner.Although in truth she barely exceeded the speed of a jogger.She loathed running and exercise in general. Still she would end every school year down 15 lbs.
Chelsea also started stuffing and re-gaining her weight with a vengeance every holiday season and every summer. By her first day of University she had entered college as a conventional hottie with an hourglass figure and beautiful face weighing just 120 lbs.The summer after 12th grade had been one of No weight gain as she had begun a lifeguard job with daily swimming workouts.It was all she could do to stay at 120.
Once college started the now completely dyed in the wool Feedee made up for all the lost years of high school.In the college dining hall she took full advantage of the meal plan.When her friends recommended healthy choices she would laugh and say" You go ahead and eat rabbit food. More Real Food for Me!" When they tried to drag her to the gym she steadfastly refused.Never once did she set foot in the building.
As a result of this Chelsea managed to gain the Freshman Sophomore and Junior "Thirties".90 lbs gained .But two factors had made that Net gain 55 lbs by her 21st birthday July 6th after Junior yesr.One was a prodigious amount of walking to class. The second factor was the lifeguard job which caused a 10-15 lb Loss in the summer.

Next chapter.Junior summer ends very well .And Senior year becomes Fabulous.
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Jazzman 6 years
I am dreaming up a part 2.More focused on mom Candace. Thank You for the comments Sweetheart
Theswordsman 6 years
Definitely continue