Softball superstar

Chapter 1 - a star is born

July 27th 2008! District Champions! The first time in 20 years that West Chester South had ever won the District 9 Eastern Pa Championship in Major Girls Softball.The next step is Regionals with
Star Pitcher?Shortstop Carly Hansen leading the way.
Carly Hansen was the only child of John "Swede" Hansen and his Beautiful wife Jenny Fredickson Hansen. John stood an imposing 6'5" and tipped the scales at 325 lbs.The vast majority of his weight was solid muscle forged in the weight room of West Chester University where he had starred as an offensive tackle.Over the years of marriage he had added something of a gut due to an additional 30 lbs from home cooking.His playing weight as a second team All-Conference selection was a rock solid 295.Back then he had maxed his bench press at 525 lbs and he still regularly tossed around 375 for 6 reps even at age 34.
Jenny Hansen was a tall beauty of German stock.At 6'0" tall and 220 lbs she was the perfect ying to John's yang. When they entered a room everyone's eyes were drawn to the tall large and wonderfully handsome couple. Jenny had starred at the University of Delaware down the road as an outside hitter in Volleyball.Pity that she had to choose just one sport as she had also starred in high school in Softball,Basketball and occasionally on loan to the track team in the throwing events . Back then at 175 lbs she was a woman playing against girls.
The Hansens met at a party almost immediately after graduating from their rival colleges and it was basically Love at first sight.It was easy for "Big John" to spot the tall curvy 195 lb Goddess.Jenny was likewise drawn to the muscular handsome giant with blond hair and blue eyes.Their courtship lasted but a year and shortly after walking down the aisle little Carly was on the way.
When Carly was born the doting parents spent every moment being the best parents they could be.They even talked about possibly just having one child as they had both been only children.And that is exactly what transpired.As elite athletes they also decided to not push Carly into sports.If she wanted to play then they would be totally behind her.And play sports she did! AAU basketball-a point guard extraordinaire! Volleyball. Age group track as a 400 meter and 800 meter star at the Hershey Track Meets.And of course-Softball!
It was no surprise that Carly eventually had weeded out her other sports for softball.She was fast.She virtually never struck out. Once on base she would steal second and sometimes third.She executed shortstop with a range and grace and throwing arm to make Cal Ripken proud. And as time went by she also naturally became the best pitcher on her local Little League All-Star tournament teams.The best players in softball always get a try at pitcher.And of Carly was a natural from the first windmill pitch she ever threw. The only odd thing in all of this was her size.At age 12 she was 5'1" and a slim 95 lbs. With such parents her athletic intelligence was almost a given.But it seemed odd that she was a slender speed-burner instead of a tall and strong power-hitter.
In the next years that was all about to change.John and Jenny Hansen's genes were about to show in Carly's appearance as well as in her game.
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Debela 11 years
hooray! i hope you continue!
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awesome story. plese continue.
Jazzman 11 years
I try to knock out at least 1 if not two chapters every day.Thanks for the kind comments from everyone.And especially those who remembered to give me a ranking.smiley
TheStoryteller 11 years
Great story! I hope there's more coming..smiley
Zachi 11 years
better and better
Debela 11 years
I look forward to more!!
Jazzman 11 years
Thanks! If I can make it more readable with indentation I think it will get better reviews. Next chapter tomorrow will start the weight gain and some romance.
Jazzman 11 years
I need help on indenting my paragraphs. Any advice is appreciated. It looks like a mass of words even though I tried to make paragraphs