My weight gain.

Chapter 1 - the start of something big

I had always had a problem with food. Ever since I was a kid I loved eating sweets and savory foods that probably weren't the best for you. My problem with over eating got so bad that when I was in 8th grade I was 200 pounds. My face, belly, thighs and ass were caked in fat and I wasn't the prettiest girl in school so being overweight didn't help me attract guys. I stayed fat until 9th grade when I started to workout a lot and lose weight. As the weight shed my figure got more toned and tight and my face slimmed but and I blossomed into a beautiful blonde bombshell in no time. I continued to workout and eat less until I was down to 120. I was slim, sexy and blonde who drove the boys crazy. I had everything I wanted but I had a deep secret. I had a weight gain fetish. I hated losing my jiggly belly for a tight toned tummy. But I loved being eye candy and loved the compliments my new body was getting me. I met a dark haired slim boy who I instantly fell for. His name was Kyle and we fell in love. We had a great passion for one another and our sex life was amazing but kyle had a big jealous issue. He hated going out with me and having multiple guys hit on me or call me sexy in front of him. It pissed him off behond belief and started a lot of arguements with us. So to stop the fighting we quit going out and started spending more time together at home. Now Kyle was a shy man who loved to sit at home and hangout and watch tv. So when we spent the nights at home we would lay in bed watching movies. After a couple months I moved into his house and would stay the night there everynight. Kyle hated veggies he wouldn't eat anything green or anything healthy at all. The house was always stocked with icecream,cookies,chips,pizza and a lot of fatty frozen foods and sugary drinks and beer of course. Coming from a very health conscience house this was a big change for me being surrounded by all this junk food. Now I've always had a eating problem and I just you could call me a stress eater, so everytime kyle and I got into a fight he would always make it up to me by bringing me icecream or making me burgers in bed. Being in a small house with a boyfriend who is jealous of other men is not a good mixture. Kyle also liked to play online games a lot. He would spent all day playing online laying in bed while I sat there bored out of my mind watching tv staying home so he wouldn't get jealous of me going out. So sitting on the couch everyday when I got off work, being ignored for a video game really pissed me off. So I started grabbing bags of chips or the icecream to comfort me. At first it was fine I mean a little junk foods not gonna do any harm right?
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Super hot
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I find this relevant to my interests. You could even say I am sexually aroused by this anecdote, and would love to contribute to adding excess fat tissue to your already well-formed abdomen.