No more regrets

  By ShinobiHimeSama

chapter 1


"I can't take this anymore, this is the last straw. You have tried and failed repeatedly to honour your commitments to me and I'm sick of watching you waste away your life this way. I'm leaving you, forever. Don't try to find me, don't come looking for me because you won't find me."


That cruel and cold letter she left him haunted his days and his nights; she just gave up on him. He looked around at the empty pizza boxes and fast food wrappers strewn about his living room and the crumpled up chip bags and empty dip containers. He had pigged out again, it was no wonder he was pushing past four hundred and eighty pounds. None of his clothes fit, he had long since grown too fat for them he ordered in most days, very rarely venturing out into the world to buy groceries or even clothing. He had let his beard grow and gave up on the effort to look presentable anymore. His job had long since dismissed him, for not getting his weight under control, and because he was dragging down the morale at work. He now worked from his computer, all day and surprisingly it paid far better than his old job did. It allowed him to indulge his gluttonous desires with ease; he could eat all day long and not have to answer to anyone. He rubbed his stuffed belly and groaned as he heard the oven timer ding, his second supper was done and he had just gotten comfortable on his couch. He grunted and strained to pull his bulk up off the comfortable leather couch to waddle over to the kitchen.

He opened the oven door and inhaled the garlic smell that came from his lasagna, he loved Italian food; it was so good to get fat on. All those creamy, thick sauces and the wonderful sweet, melt-in-your mouth breads drowning in butter and garlic spread, he licked his plump lips as he lifted the three pound behemoth of pasta out of the oven. The microwave also finished, his garlic bread was ready too. He set down the pasta and squeezed past the island to the microwave, he chuckled as his fat belly rolled over the counter top as he bent down to try to get the garlic bread out. He had to suck it in to get the door open enough to pull out the tray. Once he was settled back into his comfy spot on the couch with the lasagna and garlic bread lay out on his coffee table he began to eat, and flipped through the channels to find his favourite show, The Biggest Loser. He watched it not for the contestants trying to lose weight but for the sheer giggle factor of much he could easily outweigh any of them on that show. He shoveled the pasta into his mouth and watched as they laid out the temptation for the fatties. He would devour all of that in one sitting if he could; it looked purposely enticing to make the fatties sweat a little about their choices.

After his girlfriend Amanda left him he was devastated for a bit, he cursed his body and wanted to beg her to come back to him. She had harped on him once he hit three hundred pounds that he was making her look bad and embarrassing her when they went out together. He was young and stupid and latched on to the first hot girl who would have him after he stopped playing football in college, he started gaining weight after he left the team and never stopped. He knew she had started cheating on him after his weight passed three hundred but he put up with it because he thought he loved her back then. As it would turn out he loved food more and the feeling of a full, bloated, stuffed belly was more erotic than seeing the petite brunette in her too tight clothes. She had a boob job, a nose job and even went blond for a while. He noticed that he was losing interest in her once she became more plastic than real. But living in L.A. that was how everyone looked there, fake, plastic, stiff. Dumber than a screen door on a submarine, something in that polluted air sucked the intelligence out of any who lived there. He was a trust fund baby and he eventually figured out that Amanda loved his wallet more than him so she had acquired an expensive taste and insisted he buy her things to make her image more appealing to the other air heads she called friends. Once his parents passed on, he inherited their fortune as well so it added to his already sizable wallet which in turn increased the demands Amanda made on him. She wanted a four million dollar house that some vapid celebrity who lost it all had to put up for sale. She wanted the prestige of living in a celebrity's house. He refused to buy it for her and she turned into a raging harpy about it, saying he was ruining her life and killing her fledgling acting career. And as if that wasn't enough, he started getting fat. She reached her breaking point and that was when she wrote him that letter.

Though it had been more than seven years since she left him, he never really cared about the societal standing he had as one of the "rich" in L.A. he wasn't even well known. There were plenty of multi-millionaires who lived in and around Hollywood who didn't make front page headlines every other day and that was fine for him. He was content to just be invisible to everyone. He looked out the window, the azure blue ocean sparkling under the setting sun, he chose to buy a houseboat and float freely throughout the world's oceans without a care in the world. His favourite port of call was Honolulu he loved the food and pleasures of a tropical destination right outside his window. Also here in Hawaii, his fatness wasn't that big of an issue. Many people of Polynesian descent were fat and it was normal for the culture of Hawaii, the luaus were a standing testament to that tradition of good, rich food and entertainment. His house boat was a large one with an extensive pantry off the galley that he kept it full to bursting every time, food was usually ordered online and then delivered to the dock where his boat was anchored. He rarely went off the boat anymore with everything so conveniently deliverable to his door. He was young to most, only thirty-five and he took early retirement after he inherited his parents' fortune. He could spend his days eating, stuffing, sailing the beautiful islands of the Hawaiian archipelago and gaining weight. No one bothered him; no one told him what to do it was heaven on Earth for him. The only reason he bothered to work online was for the human contact he got from the forums he visited. Most were fat-friendly forums where he could discuss his fat pleasures with others all around the world who shared it. He never told any of his friends that he was rich or that he lived on a houseboat, some things you just don't share over the internet. If he ever got so lucky as to find a woman who loved a nice, fat, lazy man he would be set for life but so far he had no prospects. Also since he moved around so much, keeping a bank account was never safe for him, he kept his entire fortune in cash, gold, and bonds safely stored on his houseboat in a very well hidden location. Some would caution against keeping all one's eggs in one basket, like if he ever hit rough waters while sailing and the boat sank, his entire fortune would go down with it. He was aware of that which is why when he did sail he kept the coastline in sight at all times so it was easy to return to if the waters got rough. When he did find a safer place to keep his fortune he would move it there but right now, it was fine where it was.
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