Growing on love

chapter 1 part 1

Fatherhood was something entirely new to me, my son was usually a quiet baby but when he wanted something, he sure let you know it. Laura recovered well, and within six months of DJ's birth she had her old figure back, only now her hips were slightly wider and had an amazing curve to them. I had gained again, putting my weight somewhere north of 550 and surprisingly it seemed to plateau there and I remained steady. Laura was just thrilled to see how well I'd fattened up in less than a year since we were married, her desire for me burned hotter than ever. I had become comfortable, complacent, and docile with her by my side, a perfect spot for a huge gluttonous fatty like me to be in. I could still switch easily between my home life and my life as a business tycoon, so my executives never relaxed around me once I was on screen for the monthly meetings. I had mastered the dual personality perfectly. She still loved feeding me, she had the fat husband she wanted now; I was a huge whale with a wife who got wet at the mere sight of my huge jiggling belly and tits big enough to fill a double D sized bra. Every day I would eat and eat, delighting in the feeling of my belly heavy with food. Then to be herded like a cow to bed where my sexy wife would *** me until I blew for what felt like hours. I'd fall asleep and then I'd do it all over again the next day. My current stats: weight: 572, waist, 78 inches, chest 52, thighs, 48 ½, ass 60 inches wide; topped off with a triple chin and huge apple cheeks. In two years, I'd added on 222 pounds and 40 inches of pure soft, heavy flab to my body and I never had another stroke again. I wouldn't say I was completely in the clear but I was damn near close enough to say I was a whale and healthier than I'd ever been at age 44. I lived a near completely stress-free life now, with my wife and my son; and my huge mansion.

"Laura, I want more children with you. And I want to be 600 pounds when I have them. My life will finally be complete then." I said.

She sat back on my still hard dick and looked down at me.

"More kids? And more weight? Are you trying to give me a pleasure overload?" She said.

"I love how well you've fattened me up so far, and our son is beautiful I want more, there's no such thing in my books as enough."

"Mmm, I'd love to see you try walking around with 600 pounds of fat on you. You'd be an undeniable SSBHM like that; the idea of it is making me crazy." She said.

I lay there, grinning like a fool; she wanted me even bigger. I wanted to be bigger for her; there was no greater pleasure in the world that I could ask for. She started grinding against me again and I checked out mentally, lost in the pure sexual bliss of it all. And again I let go of a steady, strong stream; she would literally drain me dry every day.

"Oh yeah..." I said.

"It's not over yet, it's time to feed you. Can't have you losing any of that precious fat now can we?" Laura said.

"I don't think I can take anymore pleasure, I'm totally spent."

"Oh baby, don't say that...I can't let you go to sleep hungry." Laura pouted.

"I'm not hungry." I said; but a loud angry growl from my stomach made a liar out of me.

"Yes you are; my poor fatty boy is starved half to death."

"I'm so sleepy though..."

"Just relax; I found a way to feed you without having to make you leave the bed. Liquid weight gainer shakes; I bought a huge supply of them, just to feed you with. It's loaded with thousands of calories guaranteed to fatten you up faster." Laura said.

"I'll be too fat for sex if you do that, I can't have that happen. I'd die without it." I said.

"I'll find a way to make sure I can still ride your cock; don't worry baby."

"Alright, you've been right so far. Where is it?" I said.

"Stay there; I'll be back."

"I couldn't move if I tried." I said.

She threw on a housecoat and disappeared into the kitchen, she quickly came back with a cart and a large tank on the lower shelf, there was a tube on the top of it, I propped myself up to see it better, she put it in a machine? Oh man...I'm never going to be able to move again.

"This is will satisfy my constantly hungry and starving fat husband for a while. It's designed to be slow to digest and expandable in the stomach, you'll feel full and bloated longer." She said.

"Ooh, sounds great. How much do I have to drink?" I asked.

"All of it. There's enough in here for a few weeks. But you'll be getting one of these every two weeks so get prepared to bust out of your clothes."

"Baby, as much as that turns me on, I still have to work. If I'm a bloated whale I can't conduct the monthly meetings anymore." I said, growing slightly concerned.

"I can do it, but if you don't want to do this for the sake of the company I could compromise on it and let you keep eating like you've been doing. Either way I'm still happy." She explained.

"Yeah...I mean I'd prefer to keep my face seen and heard with my company even though I'd love to do it for you."

"Okay, just this one time you have to eat all of this. Because prepared, it doesn't have a long shelf life and I'm not going waste it."

"Give it to me, I'm starved." I said.

"Yes sir." Laura said.

She handed me the tube and turned the machine on, the thick, sweet creamy liquid slid down my throat like melted butter, I never felt so good before. This stuff was incredible...I could feel it expanding already in my belly. I sucked it back greedily and after an hour it was gone. I handed her the tube and lay back, my huge belly was sore and hard.

"How much will the stuff make me gain?" I managed to say.

"I don't know it depends on how much you do after eating it as well as your metabolism. But a rough guess, no less than 80 pounds in the time it takes to digest which, could be about two or three weeks. That could be a weekly number for all I know." She replied.

"Holy shit Laura...I'll be way past 600 if that's true. I won't be able to move." I said.

"Maybe...but I'd still find some way to keep you moving."

I'd fallen asleep by that point, so I didn't hear her. I couldn't wait to see how fat I'd get off that miracle stuff she just made me drink. She climbed into bed next to me and fell asleep too.


I woke up the next morning, still aching and full. Laura had laid out an outfit for me to put on but she wasn't in bed with me. I struggled to get my legs over the side of the bed to get up; I wanted to see where she was. It took me a few tries but I got them over the side; I groaned. My belly was still so full and bloated I huffed and puffed a bit before managing to stand up, my huge gut felt heavy against my thighs. I waddled slowly over to the clothing, I was still naked from last night, but getting dressed was difficult I couldn't bend down over my gut to pull my pants on. I had to fall back on the bed and inch them up while nearly flat on my back, I grunted and groaned, my face was dripping with sweat, but I got them on. I took a deep breath; and looked at the next obstacle...then decided against it. There was no way I was going to get my socks on without help. I rocked back and forth and eventually got to my feet again. The undershirt and housecoat were easier to put on, but I found that a good three inches of my belly stuck out below the undershirt I felt my face break into a grin; I was really getting fat and even the ordeal of getting dressed was turning me on. I stepped into my slippers and waddled out of the bedroom to find my amazing wife.

I found her in the nursery with our son, feeding him a bottle and humming softly to herself. She sat in front of the window; the morning sunlight back lit her and gave me a wonderful sight. Her hair was glossy and shiny and the light softened her features, I wish I had a camera at that moment to take a shot of this. She looked up at me.

"Hi baby, sleep well?" She asked.

"Wonderfully; that stuff you fed me I think its working. Look." I said.

I opened the housecoat and showed her my belly paunch hanging out from underneath the shirt; she lit up like a sun flare.

"You've already outgrown the 5x clothes?" She said.

"I know I feel so good about it. I am going to be fatter than ever."

"So you like that stuff huh? Good, I wondered if it would work. Let me put DJ down for a nap and I'll get the measuring tape out."

I waddled over to her and touched his downy head, his eyes half lidded as he sucked away on the bottle. As much as I wanted to see how big I was, this moment was not worth rushing through. I wanted to savour every little thing about my son and commit it to memory.

"Let him finish, there's no rush." I said quietly.

"There's a camera on the change table."

"Excellent; I have to get this photographed. Stay like that, don't move." I said.

I backed up and framed them in the camera window. The sun was just right and the way her long hair fell across her shoulder was perfect; I took two shots. Laura looked up at me and set the bottle aside, she gently burped DJ and set him back in the crib, he was soon fast asleep. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into me and we stood there just watching his little chest rise and fall as he dreamed away.

"My son, our son...he's so perfect." I said.

"I almost wish they didn't have to grow up. Promise me something?" Laura said.

"What?" I said.

"Let me start a weekly measurement schedule, I want to track your progress." She replied.

"I want to see how fat I've become too and tracking it sounds like an excellent idea."

"I'm glad; it'll mean so much to me to see how fat you get." She said.
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