The offer of a lifetime

Chapter 1 - prologue

Thinking back on how it all began eight months ago seems like it was just a dream. That I must have died or something and this is all in my head, but as it turns out it's not in my head it's all real. I was really skeptical when I first heard the offer of a lifetime from a user who went by the name MWN; you know one of those things where you're sure it's got to be a scam, that someone is playing a prank on you. But it's hard to argue with physical proof isn't it? I've gained so much weight that it has to be real since I wake up every morning and there it is, looming under my covers like a big dome, my huge belly. I have to roll to even get into a sitting position, like a turtle on its back. I'm so fat now it's unbelievable. I almost didn't agree to this, almost; it had to be a prank or something no one in their right mind would offer me two million dollars to gain weight right? Every other channel is on about how bad it is to be so fat, how we all have to look like stick figures because it's normal and right; they even go so far as to claim that the economy can't withstand the sheer numbers of overweight and obese people in this world. As if that was the case, it's a huge lie and as some conspiracy nuts would tell you it's always been the government's idea to fatten up their people so they can extort more money out of them.

Up until eight months ago I was one of those "evil" fat people who are dragging down the social system with our obvious disability, I wasn't exactly the right fit for the company's image that they wanted to portray to the public, funny seeing as I worked for a food distribution company. I was thirty-five years old and just made it to regional manager for my company. I weighed in at three hundred and thirty pounds and apparently that was too fat for the company. But they couldn't really find any flaws with my work to quietly dismiss me and I know they couldn't fire me for being fat unless they wanted a lawsuit on their asses about discriminatory dismissal. I lied to them about going to a gym, told them I was meeting a dietician about my weight; truth is I liked being fat. I spent my first two decades trying to be what other people thought I should be; fit, athletic and of course blond and tanned. Growing up in Southern California has that kind pressure on you doesn't it? I kept snack cakes hidden in my desk and I made sure to hide more donuts in my car when I went for my lunch, I loved the feel of my belly getting bigger and softer, the way it would bounce and jiggle with a slight poke; it was amazing to me.

Anyway, I also frequented this forum site for others out there who like me, loved being fat, gaining weight, stuffing, all that jazz. And that's where I met MWN; she and I talked briefly at first probably it was to get the feel of the other; discover the extent of our shared fetish you know how it is. We never used real names only our screen names, so that was how we got to know one another. We had been talking for a few months before this began, it was fun honestly. And then one day she gave me proposal; she asked me "how would you like to be paid two million dollars to get really fat?" At first I had no idea what to say, I thought she was playing with me; making fun of me or something. But she insisted it was real, that she had no reason to make up something like that. She told me that she had inherited a small fortune from her parents and that she could never spend it all in one place; I still distrusted her. I asked why she would ask me something that any sane and rational person would be instantly skeptical about, she told me that not every offer has a hidden agenda, an ulterior motive and that some people are genuinely truthful. Even in her country not everyone was manipulative; she wasn't American, I could tell by the way she would talk; always in full and proper sentences and rarely did she use short hand or slang. She was very intelligent so unlike the blond bobble heads I see all the time down here. I figured she was either British or Canadian or something; she definitely had an intelligent head on her shoulder so she had to have been educated at much better schools.

I told her I had to think about it, some part of me was overjoyed at the prospect of being a millionaire; a real fat cat. I've wanted to be one my whole life and now this girl was offering it to me. But another part of me was blaring warning bells; that this still had to be some sort of scam or trick she was playing on me. You get taught a lot of things in SoCal, mostly about how a hot, sexy chick would never date a fat guy unless he was rich. I was by no means rich, even a regional manager doesn't pay much. She said she'd give me five days to think about it, that she wouldn't be online for that time so I didn't have to feel pressured to make a decision if I saw her online. I wanted to believe her, she was offering me a chance to really fulfill one of my greatest dreams and so few people ever get that chance to have what they want the most in this finite lifetime we're given. I continued my routine; I ate like every two hours even if I was still full from before. I would get up in the morning, get through my bathroom stuff, make a breakfast run to the nearest fat food place; pick up my secret snack stash for the day, then head into work. I would binge mindlessly if I was doing something repetitive on the computer like checking the shipment trucks to make sure our grocery clientele got their orders, I would open my email about truck logs that the drivers send me so I can send their hours off to Payroll to make sure everything is in order before the paychecks roll out for the month. Or simply shuffling papers around until my computer tells me it's lunch time; then I head out to my favourite deli and get my usual lunch order and of course dessert cakes and things since I'd eaten through the box of snack cakes already. My belt would always cut into my belly as I sat in my chair, the arms squeezed my sides making impressions on my fat, it was uncomfortable but I had to deal with it since I couldn't exactly request a new chair. I would be found out that I wasn't hitting the gym or dieting like I told my bosses I was doing.

The five days passed quickly and I nearly forgot about MWN's offer. When I got another email from her I didn't have an answer. I was sitting at home on my couch in my favourite lounge clothes even though I could see the shirt was getting too small for me and more belly was showing. I opened the email and stared at it; then I looked down at my belly sticking out from below my shirt and I had my answer for her. I said yes. Needless to say she was thrilled and eagerly went over the plan she had for me to gain weight over the remainder of the year. She asked for pictures and measurements of me I suppose it was like a progress report. She asked me how much I ate now and what I thought would help me gain more weight faster, I had ideas about increasing my meal sizes and having more snacks in between meals, even investing in some weight gain powder if I didn't feel like having heavy fatty foods. I could keep my routine going for work, going in everyday, keeping my fat stash full and locked so no one could come across it by accident, I had a locked drawer in my desk that was pretty deep and it would be perfect to hide treats in. She would send me money to buy clothes that were a few sizes too big to disguise my weight gain from prying eyes and I thought that was a good idea. I asked if it was going to be coming out of the two million she promised me and she told me it was a gift from her and wouldn't affect my reward at the end of the year. I did have one more question for her though; I had to know why she chose me to give this money to. Her reply was pretty heartfelt:

"Because we're friends and we've both had to deal with pressures to be who we are not all our lives. We share something that few people understand and to me having that kind of relationship is very precious to me. Land and sea may separate us, but our hearts and minds are forever linked."

That was all the reason I needed.
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