Surprised in the shower

Chapter 1 - the shower

My girlfriend came up from behind me while I was preparing to shower. She grabbed my new love handles and exclaimed "Honey, you are getting much too fat" as she jiggled my new blubber. Her fingers spider walked around the circumference of my belly and met at my navel. "You have quite the pot belly, too" as she poked the spreading mid section "I may have to put you on a diet you are just getting so fat!" She ordered "Now get naked and get on the scale, now!" I striped and stepped on the scale. She read the dial "Wow, 255 pounds of flab!" She stretched the tape measure around my waist, she read off "Oh my, you're getting very round with 52" about the belly" She said, with a touch of wicked glee "Let's shower together while I decide what I want to do with your fat, overfed body"

She removed her T-shirt, revealing her nice soft muffin top. She took off her bra, unleashing her beautiful, full, round breast. She unbuttoned her pants and shimmied out of her panties completely revealing her magnificent belly, which was just beginning to blossom into a pot belly.

"Well, don't just stand there gawking" she said with a wonderfully wicked sideways smile "get in the shower, tubby". I climbed into the shower and she climbed in after me. She soaped my back while the hot water streamed down on us. "You're developing a lot of back fat, I can hardly find your shoulder blades under all this blubber" She put the soap aside, reached down and gleefully caressed my bum. She giggled " My, these puppies didn't used to be this jiggly" as she gave them a healthy slap and told me to turn around. She seemed to purr as she soaped my love handles "My goodness, I've been feeding you much too well!" She She reached up to wash my chest "My dear, you're getting flabby man boobs. It just won't do for you to have boobs as big as mine". She grinned (almost wolfishly) as she slowly rubbed clockwise circles around my huge stomach. She almost whispered to me "Now for the best part, honey, you've got the world champion pot belly!" She grabbed the considerable shelf of blubber under my navel and shook the mound of flab and said "you've the biggest, softest, roundest and flabbiest pot belly in all of pot bellydom" She whispered "if you want to get into the shower with me again, you'd better do as I say and start to lose some of this chub. But I will help you" She turned off the water and motioned that we should get out and dry each other.

I was a bit taken aback by all of this but managed to stammer "Well what do you think we should do about it?" She purred "My dear, you are going on a strict diet, starting right now. Furthermore, you are starting a strictly supervised exercise program" as she firmly poked my belly for emphasis. I gulped and said (with a bit of dread) "strictly supervised diet and exercise program? Supervised by who?" She replied, with a return of the wolfish sideways grin (and a lingering sensuous caress to my belly) "I will supervise you"
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FrecherTyp 10 years
oh that was sexy :-) hehe i would love that if a girl first feeds me enough to get such a jiggly belly , big enough that i have to agrree to her fitness program ^^

really a sexy nice story