The dragons keep

Chapter 1

The Tale of the Dragon's Keep

By Lvanciel

Long ago in the time of Midevil England back when there was knights and kings.

There was a brave knight named Sir Vanciel he was in love with the queenbut she already had a king . One night the king called Sir Vanciel to the main chamber he had a task for him. That task was to bring back an egg of a feared dragon named Tarten. Tarten killed many knights none have succeed in bring back the prized egg of her so Sir Vanciel was on his with his sword he had from his dead brother Bruce forged with the might of Dragon's Fire with a mix of the far north Ice and a faint glow from Thor's Thunder this broadsword was the only thing he had left it was 20inch blade with bloodgroove with a woven leather handle. His brother was sent on the same task but only thing left of his brother was his prized sword handed down from family member to family member. When he touched his sword it glowed with a raident enegy lightning flicked in the blade in the handle turned bright blue he said he will have his venegence on the king. The king was an evil king he hit his wife left welps threatend her life for others to live Sir Vanciel was a brave knight and very nice to others the king told him you have to be mean and more tough but the people loved him for being so nice he gave gold to the poor that he earned from past tasks one poor person more then any a young knave named Cody his mom was very ill and his sister had got hurt thanks to the king.

The hired doctors to help Cody's mother but it turned out they were dark wizards to make his mother suffer even more they put a evil spell on her that each people but Sir Vanciel would cause her to come of harm but Cody found out from Sir Vanciel he was ticked at the king so Cody the knave came with Sir Vanciel to help him out because he has seen Tartan before and knows how to speak to dragons.

Sir Vanciel told Cody his first name was Lee so from that day Cody and Lee were pals he told Cody one day if i become king i will find a way to help your mother and your sister you will become my right hand you are like a brother he said Cody asked to hold Lee's sword Lee lowered his head to say yes as Cody touched the sword it raiated a differant power the blade turn black as night the hand red with hate and anger Cody said i want the king dead but Lee said he wanted the same thing because of all the cruelity he had on the king but he calmed cody down and the blade because a light grey but Lee was a white wizard nobody known until now Cody smiled and said when did you become a wizard. Lee told Cody he has always been one but never told anyone until now he kept inside of him not even the love of his life knew. Cody smiled and asked if could learn magic Lee told him not until you are ready you must get rid of all hate.
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