The fattening

Chapter 1 - The Realization

Ch 1

Mark was sitting in his favorite chair one day eating his breakfast and watching the morning news. Mark was a pretty large man at 280 pounds but his weight never really bothered him. He just thought of him self as cuddly. Over time, Mark had been gaining weight and it seemed to him that so was everyone else around him.

He walked outside to get the newspaper and his neighbor just happened to be out there as well. Mark rarely sees his neighbor and when he caught a glimpse of him, he was shocked and did a double take. His neighbor Matt looked like he had gained 100 pounds since the last time he saw him. He though Matt was about 400 or so pounds! Mark started talking to Matt and for some reason, he felt a little bit turned on. Eventually, they started talking about how they both noticed that everybody around them was getting fatter and fatter with each passing month. Towards the end of their conversation, Mark said to Matt, “Well, my breakfast is getting cold and my belly is grumbling (giving it a light slap).” They said their goodbyes and Matt also slapped his very large belly which was also growling at him and they both walked (or should I say waddled) back into their houses.

Mark sat back down in his chair and started reading the newspaper. A particular headline in the newspaper shocked him; Obesity Epidemic is Hitting California. He began to read the article and about halfway through, the article said, “Scientists are not sure what is causing this epidemic but they are trying desperately to find the cause of this disease.” Mark thought to himself, “So I was right! People are getting fatter!” The last time Mark checked how much he weighed, he was about 280. In the past month he hadn’t weighed himself but his clothes were becoming noticeably tighter and more uncomfortable to wear but for some reason, he liked wearing too tight clothing so it never really bothered him.

He stepped on the scale after not checking for a month and the digital read out stopped at 315. He screamed and went to the mirror to check how much bigger he looked. Once at the mirror, he lifted up his shirt and a very noticeable overhang flapped out of his shirt and completely covered his manhood. At first, Mark was devastated but after a few minutes, he thought he could get used to having a belly. He began to jiggle, slap, and rub his belly with pleasure. He soon realized that being fat made him happy. Once he had realized this, any and all insecurities about being overweight disappeared and he decided to get FAT.

The first thing Mark did with his newfound confidence about being fat was to go through his wardrobe and get rid of all his too tight clothes. His idea, however, of getting rid of clothes was squishing his fat self into them and bursting them at the seams and buttons. Mark started with his t-shirts; all 14 of them. One by one, the buttons and seams succumbed to his belly and without any difficulty or resistance, exploded off of Mark’s huge belly. It began to sound like a shoot out was happening in his own house. Shirt after shirt, his gargantuan belly shot off the buttons all at once making a distinctive *PING* sound as the hundreds of buttons hit the wall.

Once those had all been destroyed he moved on to his pants. He should be wearing a size 50 but all this time he had been squeezed into a too tight size 44. However, all of his pants in his wardrobe were size 40 which made it extremely difficult for him to fit in to. Although it was difficult for him, he managed to pack his fat ass in to those pants like sardines in a metal can. Once again, one by one, the buttons FLEW off his giant belly.

When that was said and done he had to go to the store for new clothes…naked

More to come!

Stay Tuned!!
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