Who woulda thought?

Chapter 1

It didn't start until we started going to different colleges.

Jenny and I had been together for the last 2 years of high school, though people probably thought we had been going out longer. Neither of us really stuck out, just stuck together, y'know? Neither of us was overly popular or unpopular. My name's Derek, by the way. We were good friends, and it took us a while until we got past that awkward phase, until we figured out we both really liked sex, though if you saw us, you probably wouldn't think we fucked like rabbits. She was definitely cute, 5'6, with short black hair curling around her face, a nice body that I loved to play with, and almost chubby, but not quiet at 130 pounds, and these perfect brown eyes, framed in one of those stylish frames her glasses had. Me? I was the averagest of average in terms of looks, not too big, or too small, barely scratching 5'7, with a mop of brown hair.

First, we just had lots of sex, every time my parent's weren't around, or hers. Then we started being a bit more open, a little naughty, light bondage, toying around with anal, trying whatever we thought was

popular. So it kinda of sucked when we graduated, and I made it into a good business oriented college a few hours away, while she stayed back in town for a local community college. Our frequent fucking went out the window, and we were so certain to keep in touch, visit on weekends, you know the deal.

I was kept constantly busy by the slew of classes I had, and even though we had the occasional visit, things were becoming a bit strained. First, it was just the constant hornyness without each other near

by, the lack of the partner we'd known to never be more than half an hour away, and our schools kept us busy enough that even the casual weekend get together was difficult: I was on a scholarship, so if my grades slipped too much, i'd have to take out a massive loan. Her course load wasn't any lighter, which led to our next problem: the freshman fifteen.

She had been gradually putting on weight, no longer "almost chubby", she was definitely there now. Money was tight, and so were her clothes, and when we get together, she was feeling overly self conscious, which let me tell you, sucks for sex. Still, we loved each other, and she definitely wanted to please me, she was just finding it hard, and the sex wasn't anywhere near the level it was before, but we got off, wasn't that enough?

And that's when I thought I made my mistake. We'd just finished a nice little love making session in her private dorm, and right after I was still good to go, but she didn't seem to be, not lately. I poked her growing belly, it was just starting to be noticeable and said "C'mon, my lil sex pig.", and she teared up a bit. I didn't mean to infer she was a pig, i'd called her names plenty of times, plenty worse.

Oh boy, what had I gotten myself into?

It spilled out of her, how she felt not good enough for me, she didn't mean to look like this for me, school stress, the whole while she was naked and curled up in a ball. It tore me up, it really did, because I didn't mind it one bit. Now, let me tell you, i've never had an eye for the bigger ladies, not that Jenny was, she was maybe 155, 160 tops if I had to guess. I had never looked at fat girls that way, after all, they were fat, and society told me that was bad, but my biology was telling me different right now.
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Jazzman 14 years
Excellent story. Yes you grew her fast. But it was certainly within the realm of reality. I've seen it happen. I remeber giving a ride to a buddy to see a girl he had met at a high school band festival the year before. We stayed just five minutes for a little chit-chat. Then we were gone! Apparently she had picked up 50 pounds in a year-certainly without trying. Good Job!
Mtlfan 14 years
Maximum: Sex is a rather large part of it, and when you're on the Stories page, look at the title in your browser, the word "erotic" is there smiley

sofia: Thank you, my fantasies are pretty varied across the board.
Sofia 14 years
What a great story! I really like your writing, but reading this after the two before was like drinking after eating something very sweetsmiley
Maximum 14 years
lol an interesting attempt, it is sweet at times but the whole thing is about sex and i don't think that classifies as "romantic" but still, a nice story.
Mtlfan 14 years
And here's my first shot at one of my positive fantasies. I kept it a bit short on purpose, and grew her a bit fast, because it seemed to fit.

I have a few other ideas on themes like this, as well as the more extreme stories i've posted.

I probably won't post a new one for a week or two, as i'll likely be posting a story related to other fetishes elsewhere shortly (usually humiliation, this time pregnancy, if that's your sort of deal, it'll probably show up on bbw-chan.net's /preg board, or maybe 7chan's /elit.)

Requests are welcome, as i'd like to try writing someone else's fantasy and see if I can nail what they want, as are comments.

For now, my Wii has been calling to me for two weeks, and FF4.