Daddy's girl

Chapter 1

I was shoved back into the locker, her breasts squished into my face which only came up to her chest, as she taunted me "Little lezzie Lindsy", loud enough for everyone to hear. I could hear the muffled

laughter as she backed off, walking away, as I caught my breath, as the crowd broke up. Schools never change I guess, the same as they were when they started, as much as they were in 2027.

My name is Lindsy, and I am not a lesbian. I am however, definitely bi. I was never into that total cow, Brenda. I was the popular girl in school, not just because I spread my legs. I'm 5'1, 110 pounds dripping wet, the typical blond hair and blue eyes girl you wanted or wanted to be, although my tits were a bit on the small side, I never broke a 32B. The same can't be said for Brenda, she had to be at least six feet tall and you could fit two of me in her. At best she might've been cute, if she had shed some of that fat. Of course, I probably pushed her into it, my friends and I. Maybe it was because I called her a fat cow. Or maybe 'cuz I made elephant noises every time she came into class. Or the cans of Slimfast i'd put on her desk. Maybe it was that time I said her tits looked like deflated balloons. Who knows, y'know?

I never bugged her again after that day... At least not for a while.

I was a year ahead of her in school, and I never forgot. I'm not good at being patient, something I got from my dad. Daddy was really generous, and well, I got what I wanted usually, which was money.

Money can buy you lots of things, like tranquilizer guns. I had it all planned out in my pretty little head, but I had to wait, 'til I graduated. Then 'til Brenda graduated. She was a smart one alright, but not smart enough I guess. She ended up goin' to some foreign college, in Sweden. And I also knew she was going two weeks before school started.

So I used some more of my dad's money, stole one of his little "toys", and waited for her in the apartment she had rented. Boy, was she surprised to see me when she opened the door after coming back from a jog, like she could ever be as hot as me, and she made a very satisfying thump when she hit the floor, asleep. I had dad's men bring her to the loft I had rented, and tie her down to the floor, spread eagle. That's when I brought out dad's "toy": It was about the size of a gumball, and it's what they used for for those anorexic girls, the one's who won't eat. Once you got one into their stomach, it stayed there, and well, I don't know how it does it, but it makes them wanna eat, and it makes sure the weight stays on, something about using up 99% of what some skinny girl eats, making them not need to go to the bathroom. Dad's version was special, it had this neato remote control, I figure I can guess what it does.
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Mtlfan 14 years
Probably won't have the new one out tonight, maybe tomorrow.
Maximum 14 years
she should have accidently eaten the gumball thing at the end, like somehow brenda knocks her and it goes in her mouth and she swallows, that would be a fun ending smiley
Mtlfan 14 years
And that's it for tonight folks. Some editing and grammar errors to fix, but wanted to get it out for now.

Tomorrow, I will have a different type of story, virtually no humiliation, a bit kinky, but very positive.

I'll probably take a break after that, as I have some other fetishes i'd like to write out now that ideas are floating around in my head.

If I post another story elsewhere, for an unrelated fetish, i'll post here to let those who are interested know.

As always, comments, both positive and negative are highly appreciated.