It's not just a fantasy anymore

Chapter 1

I put the closed file down on my desk. This would be easy.

Of course, everything becomes easy when you're extremely rich, once you have enough money all options get presented to you. At first, it was easy to use my money to get women, for whatever my current fetish

was. All you had to do was pay them enough, and for a while, it -was- enough. But after a while, it started to lose it's appeal, because it was all fake. It didn't matter how much money I paid them, what I wanted was an unwilling accomplice. Someone who fantasized about the same things I did, but only in fantasy.

I started to spend more of my time online, on porn websites, sex chatrooms, personal's websites, looking for what I wanted. Let me tell you, it took almost a year before I found what I wanted: Kerry Williams. A 28 year old hot little blonde legal secretary, from Maine. She shared my fantasy, we talked about it, roleplayed a bit, all while I had my private investigators look her up. I had found several like her, but Kerry fit what I needed: Single, only child, parent's passed away from old age. She would never go through with it if she had a choice, I knew that much.

I bid my time, and bought up majority in her small little law firm, the second step in my plan. I had to get her away from her friends, and after a nice party the other secretaries threw for her, I had her "promoted" to another business I owned several states away. It's a shame she never got there. The company driver who was taking her to the airport made sure she was out cold, and was brought to the little apartment I had purchased for her transformation.

I had my people strap her down to a large bed in the main room, which I made sure was comfortable and waterproof, with medical equipment all around, and sat down next to her naked body, waiting for her to come around. Of course she was panicky, and had no clue who I was or where we were, until I told her. I could see the fear in her eyes, as it clicked in her mind, who I was. Sexual fantasies are one thing with an anonymous stranger on the internet, but a completely different thing when you're forced with it becoming a reality, especially those as extreme as ours were. She denied having wanted it, even while I saw her squirm in her bonds.

I got up, picking up a nearby camera, snapping some pictures for the "before shots", I grinned at her. She really was stunning, easily the match of any of my most expensive prostitutes, if she were standing

she would've been 5'8, everything in proportion, 133 pounds, with that perfect blond hair, you know the kind I mean. Her breasts were perky but not overly large, a 36C. Once I had finished taking pictures from every angle, from up close and from far, I let her in on the first part of her transformation: She was not going to have the luxury of enjoying tasty foods, or any luxuries at all. She wasn't even going to be able to watch her expansion, because she'd be put into an artificial coma, while I had my doctors fatten her up. She was pleading with me, she'd blow me, let me fuck her, just not this, anything but this.

She couldn't have said anything to make me harder at this point, because after our little chat sessions, my investigators work, I knew this was her fantasy, to be utterly humiliated and ruined in this fashion. She just would never have gone through with it, which is why I was removing the choice for her. I leaned over, kissing her on the cheek, as the tears rolled down her cheeks, bumping into my lips. And, just because I could, I slipped my hands between her legs, cupping her pussy; yup, it was soaked. As I walked out, I nodded to the technicians and doctors to begin, and she was soon surrounded by them.
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Mtlfan 6 years
Wow it's weird that people would read this thing I wrote forever ago. Nice smiley
Gassygirl 6 years
I was just having a bad day and decided to read this again! SO great! Thank you for writing this!
Mtlfan 15 years
New story coming tonight. Next will be humiliation. Tomorrow night will also have one, that's the polar opposite of the last few.

It'll be a few hours until I post it.
Mtlfan 15 years
Surprised how many people IM'ing me. Got a few ideas now, if you've got more, throw 'em my way.

Expect something probably on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.
Mtlfan 15 years
I have a few ideas for other stories, some not as extreme as my last two, some more so. What I'd like to see (in comments, or PMs if you're too shy publicly), is what people are looking for.

For example, would people like to see a girl/girl story, or a girl/guy where the guy is the sub, a more supportive type story, etc.

Though i'd probably give anything my own twist.
Mtlfan 15 years
And posted, thanks to the commenter from my last story, who gave me this idea by posting about RP.

I realize there are still some formatting and spelling/grammar errors, i'll probably deal with them after work tomorrow.