It's not just a fantasy anymore: ii

Chapter 1

I looked down at the girl strapped to the wide love seat in the room below me, and sighed. Do you know how hard it is to have someone kidnapped, with no traces? I swear, Sarah has been eating away at my money since we got married, literally. You remember her, don’t you? Cute little legal secretary who shared a particular kink with me, turned her into a heaving, six hundred fifty plus pounds of fat woman with trouble controlling herself?

Sarah’s pretty easy to keep entertained, food, more food, sex, food and sex, sleep, and a plenty of clothes to grow out of, not a strain for a man with my budget. Even the kidnapping wasn’t too expensive, but it does tend to draw attention, even when you pay the best, and I only pay the best.

This hot little number was named Tammy, not sure about her last name, i’m sure my people had written down all the info somewhere, but all I needed to know was that she was a 21 year old college student, blonde hair down to her trim waist, with a body most models would kill for, one she apparently worked hard to keep up.

Tammy made the mistake of bumping into Sarah, literally, during one of her shopping trips, and made some unkind remarks about her appearance. It was a bit new to Sarah, as most people don’t call you a fat bitch right out in public, or any of the other things she said. So, Sarah convinced me since I got my little fantasy in her, I should let her have one of her own, and it was going to be Tammy.

Whereas I wanted an unwilling accomplice, someone to share my “strangeness” with, Sarah just wanted to make this girl enormous, against her will, in the most humiliating way she could, and she was fairly imaginative. Of course, she had all my people at her disposal, and she’d come up with a quite the plan, after finding out what the doctors and scientists could and couldn’t do.

So, down I went into Tammy’s room, to play my part as the bad guy. Tammy had quiet the vocabulary, and went on for a bit before I cut her off, and matter of factly let her know she would see her friends and family again if she co-operated, and if she didn’t we could make things quiet painful for her... and her family. I must be a good actor, because I’d never kill anyone, or order it done, but she didn’t have to know that.

All she needed to know was she had to do what I ordered, and in a few months we’d let her go free, and that I could make this very unpleasant if I chose to, or, less unpleasant. I’m certain she thought I was going to rape her, but I assured her that wasn’t the case. For now I told her, just to eat whatever was brought to her, and do nothing else but use the bathroom, and sleep. I don’t know what was going on in her head, and she didn’t budge as I unstrapped her from her love seat, and walked out of the room, as the first carts were rolled in.
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QuebecFA 8 years
I loved both parts of this story!myounare quite a talented writer! :-)