A fattening honeymoon


Chapter 1 - different plans

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Kelsey stared at the big luxurious cruise ship looming up right in front her. She turned her head, beaming at Liam, feeling his strong arms holding her close as they waited to enter their home for the next two weeks via a broad landing. “I can’t believe we really did it. Mr. and Ms. Reed.”
Liam’s eyes shone with happiness. “I always said you are the one for me.” He chuckled and his grip around her waist got firmer as he pulled her closer against him.
Kelsey blushed as she felt him grinding against her, clearly aroused. “Liam. For the love of … wait until we are in the cabin.” At the same time, she felt proud at how much her husband desired her. And at how she finally lost that five pounds of chub before their wedding to fit into her breathtakingly beautiful dress. The embroidered skin-tight corsage and the bell-bottomed tulle. princess skirt. She had looked so thin.
Kelsey sighed at the thought of all the relinquishment she had endured to look like that and how much she longed to eat normal again. But then, she would gain again …
“What are you thinking of, love?” Liam looked at her fondly.
Kelsey laughed. She could not help it. How had she gotten so lucky to end up with such an understanding man. Even though she would have loved to tell him off for his naughty behaviour right now.
As soon as Kelsey closed the cabin door behind them, she could already feel Liam’s hands loosening the buttons of her dress. "Baby. Wait ..." But Kelsey was only too willing to give in. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her. But at the same time, she was so hungry. The breakfast was long over and her stomach grumbled. She had skipped lunch and only eaten a light snack, to fit into her dress and to not ruin the perfect figure in the photos.
Now, all her hunger was unleashed and she longed for every possible food and drink that was on the ship. Her lips pouted as she looked up at her newlywed husband. "Can we probably go for an early dinner first?"
He gave her a long kiss. “I will make sure you get every food or drink you can think of, I promise. But not just yet." He smiled down at her and then his hands went on to caress her body. "You are too thin. There is hardly anything to grab any longer." His voice sounded teasing, but at the same time it held a shard of real regret in it.
"You said you like me just the way I am. What are you trying to say? I lost that way for you too, you know." She did not understand.
"I wanted you to have the wedding of your dreams. To be really happy. But somehow, I liked you more with a little flesh to the bone."
"Are you saying you like me chubbier?" Kelsey asked, still not getting it.
"No. I mean. I don't know how to say this best, but I would love you to be, well …. more curvy, womanlier." Liam blushed. "I'm sorry, Kelsey. It's just my thing. You know."
She did not know. How could she not have known? She had been his girlfriend for so long. "How curvy?" Kelsey asked her mind somewhere between thrilled and concerned.
"Definitely More than this," he answered, caressing her small waist.
She felt a strange thrill going through her body. Was it desire? Or just curiosity. She looked at him. "Is there a particular look you would like to see me in?"
Liam grinned. "Something more like Ashley Greene? You know, full, lush, beautiful."
"But she is not exactly a BBW, is she?" Kelsey argued.
"No, but it's a start." Liam laughed.
Kelsey was quiet for a long while, then she looked up. "But I worked so hard for my body, thinking it is what you want."
"It was. But now I realize, I just want you. The real you."
"Okay. So, what are you saying? That I should eat all the desserts and whatever I can get my hands on? You know how easy I put on the pounds." She wasn’t entirely serious, but it felt hot to talk to him like that.
Liam’s cheeks were red as ripe apples, but his eyes were dark with lust. Somehow, Kelsey felt aroused as well. Could it really be their words about her letting go of her strict diet regime and, she almost didn't dare to think it, let herself go?
"And you would be okay with me becoming, well, chubby?" Kelsey still could not quite grasp it.
"I would love it." Liam couldn't hide his lust any longer. He teared down her dress and her panties and lifted her into his arms. She was a lot lighter than he would have preferred, but that was soon to change. Alone at the thought of that his cock got hard as steel. He had never wanted her more. He laid her on the bed and climbed on top of her. "I can't wait to see your body swell."
"Mmmmh." She did not say more, because he kissed her deeply, exploring her mouth with his tongue.
"You are so hot," he whispered, and moved down her body, kissing her breasts, her flat tummy and her pussy. "I can't wait to grab your tummy flab and swelling breasts."
"Oh, yes. Please." She grabbed his hand and placed it on her breasts, making him squeeze the small mounds.
Liam had never seen his wife so aroused. And it was turning him on beyond his imagination. "You will make me come right now, understood, and then we go and have dinner and you will stuff yourself until you can't take more. I will make sure of that."
Kelsey gasped and moved against his hands. "Do it."
Liam could barely keep himself together as he stroked her. But it was worth it. Seeing her lose herself, feeling her tremble in his arms, hearing her scream out his name. He thrusted hard against her quivering hips and spent himself inside her. Then he collapsed next to her.
"This was so intense," Kelsey murmured.
"You don't even know." Liam laughed.
Kelsey looked up. "How long have you had these desires?"
"Ever since we met, but I didn't have the guts to tell you. I didn't want to hurt your feelings, or make you think you are not enough. And you have been a little chubby before your quest to fit in that damn dress."
"Yeah. Well, that was the worst. Not being able to eat what I want." Kelsey shook her head. "But I was happy."
"You will be happy again. Just with a lot more food."
Kelsey grinned wickedly. "I want to be stuffed and pampered right now, Mr. Reed."
Liam jumped to his feet. "You don't have to ask me twice." With that, Liam got dressed, barely waiting for her to put her dress back on before leaving for dinner.

As soon as they sat at a secluded table shielded by some huge plants from the prying eyes of the other passengers, Liam handed her a huge portion of spaghetti carbonara from the Italian buffet. The pasta swam in rich cream and the smell of cheese and fried bacon made Kelsey’s mouth water. She looked up at Liam. "Are you sure?"
He nodded. "Absolutely."
"You want to make me fat?" Somehow, the words made her a little wet.
"Curvy. Lush. Sexy."
Kelsey felt a strange kind of thrill going through her body at the thought of having to let go and become the woman Liam wanted her to be. She started to dig into the dish, savouring every bite of it. It felt heavenly to finally eat to her hearts content. To feel how easy the spaghetti could be swallowed because of all the fat they swam in. The intense flavour of the bacon and the Grana. The softness of the cream.
Liam watched her eat with rapt attention, his eyes following her fork, her mouth and her throat.
"This is really good," she mumbled. "I can't believe I did without this for so long." But soon enough, she realized she was getting full. Kelsey looked up.
"You can take more," Liam said softly, his eyes encouraging her.
"I'm not sure. You know how fast I get full." Kelsey was blushing.
"You have to try harder if you are to become curvier." With that, he started to stroke her rapidly filled belly teasingly beneath the table.
"Oh, Liam. Stop it."
"You want more."
Kelsey took another big bite, then moaned softly. "Yes, please."
Liam took over her fork and brought a big piece of melted cheese and bacon to her lips. "Good girl."
She swallowed greedily, feeling how the food went down her throat and settled heavily in her already stuffed stomach. She took a deep breath, and another forkful was shoved in her mouth. When Kelsey finally opened her eyes again, the plate in front of her was empty. The same could not be said of her overstuffed belly. She tried to shift to a more comfortable position.
"Does it hurt?" Liam asked, a look of concern in his eyes.
Kelsey shook her head. "No, it's just ... uncomfortable."
"You are getting full. But there is a little more room, right?"
Kelsey desperately shook her head. "No. Please."
"You won’t miss out on Italian desert, will you?" Liam asked, a challenging smile on his lips.
Kelsey moaned. "Oh, God. What did you get for me?"
" Tiramisu." Liam held a full plate under her nose, the rich coffee aroma and the sweet cream mixing with the heavy taste of the mascarpone. Without waiting for her answer, Liam grabbed the spoon and started to hand-feed her.
Kelsey had trouble swallowing at first. The dessert was very dense and the rich taste overwhelmingly sweet. Soon, however, she found a way to gulp it down. The feeling was incredible. "I am so full." She moaned, shocked at how her arousal was audible in her hush voice.
Liam smiled and put another bite into her mouth. "Just a little more. You can do it."
Kelsey could not stop staring at her husband. "It starts to become painful." She breathed shallowly. "I have to stop."
"I think you are a little bit too excited. Just a few more bites and we are done. I promise."
"But I have to walk back to our cabin."
"I will carry you if I have to. Now be a good girl and open your mouth."
Kelsey was not sure if she could manage to stuff down a few more bites, but she wanted to make her husband happy, so she obeyed. A small moan escaped her mouth. Only when she gagged, Liam stopped, affectionately stroking the taut stretched skin of her gut beneath her dress.
"That's it. Good girl."
The praise and the way he caressed her belly made Kelsey feel even better. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his touch. "I don't think I can walk without help," she confessed.
"I will take care of that." With a last pat on her stuffed belly, Liam got up and offered his arm. "Shall we?"
They walked slowly to their cabin, Liam helping Kelsey over the threshold. "You look so damn hot."
Kelsey rubbed her overstuffed belly. "I can’t have sex with you now. I feel like popping every minute."
Liam’s smile grew broader. More feral. "But nothing speaks against me pleasuring. you a little bit."
Kelsey stared at her husband. "What did you have in mind?"
Liam pulled her to the bed and undressed her quickly. Then he lifted her legs, making her lie on her back. Soon enough, Kelsey felt his fingers massaging her swollen belly, wandering slowly downwards to her pussy. Her legs parted automatically, and she moaned softly.
"Does it hurt here?" Liam teased her swollen clit.
"Oooh. Yes. Please. Harder."
He pushed his thumb against the nub.
"I am sooo full. What did you do to me?" Kelsey moaned.
"I stuffed you and you liked it, didn't you?"
"I am so sore."
"But you want to stuff yourself again tomorrow?"
Kelsey felt a shiver running down her spine. Her breathing came fast now and she tried to arch against Liam’s fingers although stuffed to the brim. "Please. Do it. Make me."
"Make you stuff yourself?"
"Yes." Kelsey felt like crying. How could he deny her what she so desperately needed. "How much do you want me to gain?"
"I want your thighs rub together when you walk. Your belly to fill your lap. I want you to be big. Really big." Liam’s voice sounded husky, raw.
"Yes, please."
"I want you soft and flabby and I would love to see a little double chin up there." He kissed her jaw.
"Please, Liam. I need more."
He slipped his hand between her legs, parting them and slipping two fingers inside her.
"Ahhhh. Yesssss."
Liam started to move his fingers and at the same time, he leaned over her, cupping one of her small breasts, then her swollen round belly, his fingers moving faster inside her, his thumb brushing over her clit.
"Don't stop," she begged, and her moans were growing louder. Kelsey had to hold her belly when she finally climaxed. "Ooh. Oh, yeeessss." She trembled and screamed and then collapsed.
Liam pulled his finger out of her, making her moan once again, and wiped his hand. He lay down beside her, wrapping his arms around her. "This was a very good start, love, don't you think? To our honeymoon as well to your special journey to get nice and round."
Kelsey could only nod. Her belly was still throbbing. She felt the heavy meal weighing her down. She was exhausted. And the thought of stuffing herself again the next day was thrilling.
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Jazzman 7 months
This just got Mega Hot!
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Happy that you like the turn of things smiley - there is still a lot to come !
Jazzman 8 months
Love chapter 10 and 11
Mrs Pastry 8 months
Hey there!
Liam's and Kelsey's honeymoon is over and they are returning home. However, there is a whole married, fattening life awaiting them. Are you interested to read more of them?
Love, mrs pastry
Jazzman 9 months
I would like more of her gaining on her and because she likes getting Fat and wants to be Fatter. He needs to back off on his dominance. Just my opinion since you asked
Mrs Pastry 9 months
Thank you so much for your comment! I usually write very romantic stuff and tried the dominance-angle with this one. Also, the plot will develop further ... I will write you a PN!
Jazzman 9 months
I'm enjoying the concept and the plot and just two protagonists. But whenever she does something on her own like the breakfast a few chapters ago. It's met with punishment and force feeding. .
Mrs Pastry 9 months
Hej All,

This is my first story in a while ... do you like it? Do you want to read more?
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