A forced perspective

chapter 1

Chapter 1:

Aya rolled out of bed and inspected her body in the mirror. She posed and loved her sweet petite frame. Her medium length black hair draped on her shoulders and while she had comfortable C Cup breasts and a nice round ass, she kept her stomach tight and firm. She sent her boyfriend a few pictures in front of the mirror with "I love you," written across the filter which was only returned with a simple "yeah, you too." text. Souring her mood before the day had even started, she threw on her black dress and rubbed her eyes with frustration. Running out the door, she grabbed her purse and hopped down to the bus stop to begin her commute. On the ride, she began looking out at the forming clouds and just thought they always looked so pretty before a big storm. Sure enough, the moment she got off the bus, it was if the heavens parted and just began dumping sheet after sheet of rain. She just stared blankly at the front door in total awe, before unlocking and opening the store for the day. And she sat, and sat, and sat some more. Dead. The rain showed no signs of stopping and just refused to let up anytime soon. No one was coming to a massage parlor when they couldn't leave their house without a kayak, so Aya just sat bored at the front counter when she did finally see a car pull up into the parking lot. It was Ken, the owner of the bakery next door. He flipped his open sign on and went into the back of his store across the way as Aya started their morning ritual of casual texting. The salesman in her, made her take initiative and become at least friendly with all the other managers on the strip, but she had admittedly found herself enamored with Ken and his warm smile. He was always bringing over free day old donuts and signing for packages when the delivery guy usually got the address wrong. She considered him a trusted friend and confidant and today was no different. They texted about the rain, about how dead their businesses were and eventually they just sat and exchanged stories. As the day rolled to an end and the rain didn't show any signs of stopping, she saw Ken switching off the lights and closing his bakery a little early, before hopping in his car. She sighed and made peace with the fact that it was going to be a long walk to the bus stop and began closing up shop. By the time she had closed up the back and was ready to lock the front door, she saw Ken standing in the rain infront of her store with his usual warm smile and a wave. She quickly hustled to the front door, blushing, afraid she'd kept him waiting outside. She opened the door as he looked down and motioned to his car, "Need a ride?"
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Charlieheston87 5 years
Really great story. Thanks ☺