A night to remember

chapter 1

It was that time of the year again. The days were growing shorter, the weather was getting chillier and trees were mostly leafless as they were going to stay for the upcoming months. It wouldn't take too long before autumn turned into winter, hopefully covering the ground with pure white snow, giving the world a false impression of innocence.

'Come on Amy, snap out of it! Today you don't have the time to sit on your ass daydreaming!' With a sigh I jumped to my feet, causing my ample bosom to jiggle wildly. I headed to the kitchen, knowing there was no easy way out from all the work that awaited me. This was the first time I hosted a Thanksgiving dinner and I had a lot to do in order to make it perfect, a real night to remember. It was quite unusual that I was all alone right now. My family usually got together a day before, but this year everyone seemed to be too busy with their lives that it simply didn't work out. I was glad, to be honest, that they would arrive only shortly before the actual dinner, because I would be much more stressed out with my family members watching over my shoulder. Sure, mom would be welcomed help around the kitchen, but I wanted to show her that I could handle it on my own.

I quickly tied my long hair into a bun, so they wouldn't get in my way, while working in the kitchen. As if making a feast for ten people wasn't plenty of work as it was, with my family it became a bit more complicated. For example my brother Jack loved cranberry pie more than any other, so I had to make one, to make sure he was satisfied. My other brother Charlie on the other hand ate only apple pies and he went through them like acid, so again more work for me. My sister Jill hated mashed potatoes, so I had to prepare something else for her... I think you're starting to see the pattern. The list went on and on, seemingly endless extra work to deal with. I sighed again, this was going to be a long day.

Mom always taught me that the turkey to be the right size should have about 2 pounds per person as our family wasn't messing about when it came to eating. With a bit of a pride I shoved the 31 pound turkey into the oven, because it was the most handsome bird I've ever seen. Initially I wanted to buy quite a bit smaller one, but when I saw it... I knew I wouldn't regret buying this one instead. 'It's always better to have too much rather than too little, right? Right! '

I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly everything proceeded. I didn't even dare to hope it would go so well. The turkey was sitting happily in the oven, slowly but surely getting done and everything else progressed according to plan as well, so I had a few minutes to get myself ready for the occasion.

I couldn't decide on what to wear. With a little effort I put on my 'good' jeans for special occasions and looked at my reflection in a mirror. They felt a bit tight around my nicely shaped bubble butt that so greatly contrasted with my tiny waist. There was no doubt in my mind that my posterior looked truly lovely in them. The thing was that I was looking forward to indulge at the dinner and the jeans could quite quickly become uncomfortably tight. Sure, my stomach was now perfectly flat but for how long? The other jeans weren't looking as good, but they had noticeably more space to grow into. After a while I decided to go with the tighter pair. 'I can't possibly pass on something that makes my ass look this great, can I? '

I didn't have the same issue with picking the right top, as I decided on it a while ago. The simple low cut black tank top I went with was a bit tighter than I remembered. Mostly because my boobs recently decided to outgrow the F-cup sized bras I wore for the last year and a half, and now they were slightly spilling over the neckline of the top. Looking at my reflection in the mirror I decided it looked even better this way.
Finally I applied my make-up, further accentuating my already distinctive bright green eyes, before untying my hair, the color of dark caramel, letting it fall freely all the way down to my lower back. At that moment my phone back in the kitchen started ringing and I rushed to answer it.

I sat at the table that was literally bending under the insane amount of food, the whole Thanksgiving feast laid in front of me as I stared blankly. 'They won't make it. No one will make it here tonight. All of this... for absolutely nothing!' I felt the desperate tears forming in my eyes. Apparently they were all trying to call me since early morning, to excuse themselves for one reason or another, but never got connected through. It must have been some fault in network, they said, making my number unreachable. 'It's so unfair! All this food to waste...' It all seemed like a big joke.

"No, I won't let it go to waste! I worked too hard to make all of this!" I shouted out loud with no one there to hear and before I knew it I started shovel mouthful upon mouthful of food to my awaiting mouth. The food I spent entire day preparing.

I don't know what came over me, but I simply couldn't stop. I felt my stomach swell with the amount of turkey I ate already and my jeans were starting to dig into it. I didn't care. The only thing I could think about was how to get all the food inside of me as fast as possible.

My mind was hazy as if I was detached from my body somehow, as if it was happening to somebody else. When I glanced down I was met by a gut that would be appropriate for a woman in a late stage of pregnancy. The button of my jeans must have given up long time ago and it certainly wasn't in its place. I didn't even notice when it happened. 'This can't be real... There's no way this can be really happening, it must be all dream!' The thought came to me when I was licking clean the huge bowl of mashed potatoes, bowl that was supposed to be enough for my whole family and then some. I almost believed it was just a dream. Almost.

I don't know when I decided to strip down from my constricting clothes, but I do know that reaching the table was getting more and more difficult with my hugely expanded midsection in the way. Of course it worked quite well as a personal table, but there was only so much I could fit on it. And there was still so much more food for me to devour!

I had to sit sideways to the table with my belly comfortably laid on another chair. Let's face it, by now the turkey was gone. Only the bones that were licked clean, entirely devoid of anything edible on them, served as a proof that it was ever there. Tiny voice in the back of my head screamed in horror, telling me to stop immediately. I ignored it and reached for an apple pie. The first of many, many more that were to come.

I woke up in my bed, lying on my side with an arm beneath my head. 'What a weird dream...' I wanted to jump out of my bed and get into work. After all I had an entire Thanksgiving feast to prepare, but for some reason I couldn't move. I looked at my body and screamed. It wasn't a dream.

It turned out I wasn't really in my bed, only part of me was. And then there was my insanely swollen gut falling over the edge of my bed and reaching all the way down to the floor. Everything that happened the day before was coming back to me. I let out a resigned sigh. "That didn't go too well..."
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