A post easter treat

Chapter 1 - a post easter treat

Bank Holiday Monday's are the best, aren't they? A chance to do something with family or if you're anything like me, a chance to chill out, play a little xbox with no interruptions. So, I was a little perturbed when my game was interrupted by my phone ringing.

It was my girlfriend Ivy, she had gone out shopping while I was gaming to see if she could snag any holiday bargains.

"Hey hon" I answered, allowing my frustration to be evident in my voice.

"Hey, I'm in Tesco and I might need some help"

"Some help?" I enquired

"Yeah, I may have gone a little overboard on the bargains. Could you come down and meet me? Bring another shopping bag okay?"

I rolled my eyes even though no-one could see "Okay, I'll be down in a few" and hung up.

We lived just across the carpark from the Tesco so it was no big deal popping down to help her, I could take 5 minutes out of my busy schedule.

When I got down there I found her already at the checkout, I was fully prepared to do some lifting but what I saw shocked me. The conveyor belt was absolutely covered in Easter eggs and related chocolate and candy.

"Have you bought anything else?" I asked her a little puzzled.

"Yeah a couple of things" she motioned to her bags

When the cashier finished ringing up Ivy's purchases she simply asked if she was paying by card, I was curious to how much she had spent on her haul but she shooed me away from the readout.

It wasn't heavy lifting, just awkward to be carrying so many eggs through the shopping centre, we drew a fair number of stares. I imagine many thought we were donating them to a charity or something, yeah maybe that's what Ivy was up to.

"This is a lot of chocolate" I stated flatly after we were done unloading everything onto the kitchen counter.

"Well it was just too good of an offer to pass up" she said a little flustered "some of these were like 80% off you know"

"I don't doubt your bargain hunting skills" I said with a laugh "just don't know why you need so much chocolate"

"Well it'll last a while and save us buying any in the coming weeks"

I had noticed the increase in sweet treats around the house, we never used to have chocolate kept in the fridge but that was becoming a staple of our average fridge contents. Not to mention the extra doughnuts and crisps that now resided in the pantry. Not that I was complaining of course, I was quite partial to the occasional chocolate bar and it was nice not having to pop down the shops whenever I fancied one.

This was different though, this wasn't the sign of an occasional splurge. This was a sign of something more permanent.

I watched her more closely that day. She'd demolished an egg pretty much as soon as we had returned from the shops but I was captivated by her eating habits. She seemed to graze for most of the day. A handful of mini eggs there, and stack of Pringles there, every time I looked at her it seemed like she had something in her mouth and it was never anything healthy.

This continued after dinner that night when she poured lashings of double cream over her chocolate sponge. And it seemed like minutes later that she was back working on her eggs. I found it odd but as long as she was enjoying herself I didn't mind.

I sat and studied her as we got ready for bed that night. As I used the loo she was at the sink brushing her teeth, clad only in her bra and panties. I saw things that I hadn't really seen before. Sometimes it's hard to notice things when you see someone everyday but looking at her now I could see the slight differences in her figure that had crept up on me.

Her belly had never been as flat as a board but now it positively bulged over the waistband of her panties, surely helped by the sheer amount of chocolate she had consumed that day but there was an undeniable softness there too. Just like the softness I could now see on her arse and thighs, her bra didn't seem to fit as well as it had with small creases appearing below her shoulder blades and bra band. Her upper arms appeared to wiggle a little more as she brushed her teeth, something I verified as we lay in bed just moments later. She was definitely softer all over.

I woke up a few hours later, surprised to find an empty bed. I was about to call out to her to see if she was okay, thinking maybe she had an upset stomach after all that indulgence but no, I heard a sound and knew instantly where she was. It was the sound of creaking plastic and ripping cardboard, coming from the kitchen.

I made my way downstairs as quietly as I could, not wanting to disturb her. Sure enough, there she was, in the darkness of the kitchen I could make out her silhouette by the moonlight - once again gorging herself on Easter chocolate. A thought had been building all day so I just blurted it out.

"Are you trying to get fat?"

"Oh my god! You made me jump!" She said as she spun around, tits out and mouth full of chocolate.

"Well?" I asked "Are you?"

"What?! That's crazy, you're crazy" she said as she turned away, I couldn't make out her features but I knew she was embarrassed, I'd obviously struck a chord.

"You could've fooled me" I said as I walked over to the kitchen counter where her sweet feast was all laid out. "you buy all this chocolate to supposedly last you weeks but you've been eating it like someone's going to take it off you."

She turned and looked at me pensively, I could see her eyes through the darkness, a mix of fear and shame.

"That's not to mention all the other goodies you've been indulging in"

"It's no big deal really" she replied turning fully so I could see the outline of her ripened arse in the moonlight

"No big deal?" I questioned as I came up behind her, wrapping my arms around her, my fingers sinking into the soft flesh on her belly "then what do you call this?" I asked as I gave her little belly a jiggle, a small moan escaped her lips as I did.

"Admit it" I said, taking the crème egg from her hand and unwrapping it "and it could be oh so more pleasurable" bringing the chocolate to her lips.

She nodded as she accepted the egg into her mouth "I want to get so fat" she said through a mouthful of chocolate and fondant.

A mirthful smile on my face I turned and started opening her Lindor egg.

I can't wait to see what she looks like by next Easter.
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SomeGiraffez 6 years
More more more 😍
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I can just picture her making it to where they're both fat
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Nothing planned at the moment as I've got a lot on but i'm sure I could be persuaded if there's enough interest.
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Well-written and provocative story! It's fine as is, but is there more?