Alice in dark wonderland

chapter 1

It was damn hot in the tram. Of course, I once again put on a wide baggy sweater instead of an airy shirt, where I would not sweat in immediately. The baggy jeans was not exactly pleasant in this temperature as well. I felt my bra cut into my shoulders and between my little love handles on the back. I was not far from home and finally able to get out of these clothes.

A few minutes later I finally stood at my doorstep. I unlocked and went inside. On the floor I noticed a letter that someone apparently had pushed in under the door. I picked it up and threw it on the hallway table for the time being. I walked into my only room, where I lived, cooked and slept. At last I removed this terrible warm sweater and undid my belt, whose buckle already cut into the overhanging belly fat. I pushed the pants down over my big hips and thighs and kicked them to the side. I saw myself in the big mirror.
My long brown hair hung down to my butt, which was not very difficult for my size of 4'11". For my weight I still had a very sleek and actually quite pretty face. I looked down on myself, but apart from my two huge breasts I was not able to see very much. I was so small, but still had cup size H, it was almost impossible for me to find a right bra. When I was done with school four years ago, I weighed 130 pounds, now there are 260 pounds and all travel in my tits, my stomach, hips and thighs. Seen from the front, I have a small waist, but when I turn to the side you can see my big fat belly hanging out, gravity already pulling it down. The next problem zone is my hips and my butt. I have an ass like a brewery horse. If my bust size was large, my ass and my hips were even much larger. On top of that my pants between my legs constantly chafed because my fat thighs rubbed against each other. I sighed and opened my bra. Freed of the pressure on my shoulders my udders sagged down over my stomach. I took both in my hands and lifted them up. Damn, they were heavy.
I decided to leave them hanging. I took the bags of crisps from my backpack and put the two pizzas into the oven. No wonder I was getting fatter. The amounts of food that I munched throughout the day were quit large. In the meantime, I decided to examine the letter. I picked it up and sat down on the couch in my panties. There was no return address on it, so I opened it up. It was a written with computer and included no handwriting.

Hello Alice

you do not know me, but I know you very well. I know where you work, I know where you live and I know your darkest desires.
In the near future you will receive packets with instructions. I will not hurt you, but if you do not follow the instructions exactly by the letters, I'll help out you in person with your tasks.
I'll be in touch with you.

Your master

I shook my head and put the letter aside. What bull**** was that? I leaned back and ripped open a bag of crisps and stuffed a handful of it into my mouth. Television showed only garbage while the crisps and the two pizzas were inhaled in no time. To top it off, I set forth on a large box of banana split, which did not last long as well. It occurred to me that tomorrow was Saturday and I did not need to work. Gorged I played absently with my belly fat and gave it wavelike movements. My breasts wobbled with the movement and after some time It rocked me to sleep.

The next morning I was rudely woken up. As soon as I stood upright, my stomach started growling at me. It was time for a leisure breakfast I thought and smiled with anticipation. I pulled a shirt out of the closet, pulled it over and strolled to the door. When I opened the parcel guy stood there with a large cardboard box at his feet. For some reason he looked at me with big eyes. I looked down on myself and saw that the T-shirt was a bit tense and revealed more than it should. It was embarrassing. I turned red in seconds and tried to cover my big breasts with my arms but unfortunately I failed. I had not paid attention to what I had pulled out of the closet! The postman suddenly smiled and said simply: "Not bad, they are very beautiful. Put your signature here, please. ", And held his scanner in front of me. "Thank you," I stammered, confused, took the pen and put my signature on the display. I let go of my breasts, which seemed to enjoy the postman very much, to judge by his looks.

He on the other side was very handsome. He was a good 2'5" taller than me and under his uniform I could see the wiry muscles that adorned his body. He had short blonde hair, blue eyes, striking cheekbones and a pretty mouth framed by a three-day beard. But such a guy would never fall for such a small pig as me but only to make fun of me afterwards. "Should I bring it inside?" He asked suddenly and yanked me out of rigor. "Thanks," I said again, just opened the door and stepped aside. "It's pretty heavy, a large order?" He asked with a smile to melt icebergs as he put the package into the hallway. I smiled back sheepishly and nodded. "Well, I wish you a nice day." He said with a smile and left the apartment.

I shut the door behind him. I noticed how the sweat on my back ran down from nervousness. I pulled the T-shirt over my head again and knelt before the packet. There was no sender on the package. I got myself out of the kitchenette a pair of scissors and cut the tape. In the package was another slightly smaller package, which was surrounded by filler and on top of it a slip of paper. I took the paper and began to read:

Hello Alice

Here's your first task:
The content of this package has to disappear in your stomach until tomorrow night.
To help you a bit a little blue box with two tablets that you should take as soon as possible is included in this package. The effect will kick in very quickly.
If you do not succeed ... remember the last letter. And I'll know if you did it or not.

Until next time

Your master

I hesitated. I put the letter on the side and cut to the next package and could not believe my eyes. In a see-through cooling film she could see chocolate in all variations. I tore open the foil and cleared the carton. It revealed several packets with welded cakes, chocolate, and all sorts of dough treats which can be bought at the bakery. My heart jumped of sheer joy at this view, it was like in paradise! I grabbed the first shrink-wrapped piece of cake, tore it open and stuffed it into my mouth. It was vanilla cream filled sweet cake. Oh my god, the cream was almost liquid! I let myself fall backwards and leaned against the wall. The cake piece was quickly gone and I reached into the box and had something hard in my hand. It was the blue box. I took it and opened it. Inside were two bright blue capsules. Suddenly I got a doubt. What if all the food was poisonous? But who would send me all the food if it was poisoned? This must have been a heck of work to pack up that treats, since a single treat would be enough to kill me. And I do not want to leave the whole delicious sweet treats unattended. I started playing with my belly fat. This amount of sweets would wreak even more damage. So I decided to make the best of it. I carried a box of coke and the package to the couch and decided to pull off a film marathon the whole weekend, thereby inhale all these delicious delicacies. After I had everything ready, I sat down on the sofa in front of the box and took the two capsules in the hand. I was a bit uncomfortable with the effects and consequences, but what the heck, I swallowed them down and began to eat my way through this box.
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