All he could ever want chapter 2

chapter 2

I woke up the next morning to an empty bed and the sound of a running shower. I shook off the heavy sleep and could not keep the smile off my face as I scanned the room. Our clothes were scattered everywhere, but so were the remains of round two of the glorious night. Food wrappers, soda cans, two pizza boxes ( both of which she ate ) and more sat piled next to the bed in a shrine to Mary's breathtaking gluttony. After I was up and dressed I ventured out into the living room, curious to learn more about this incredible woman. It was a nice apartment, much larger than my unit and had a sophisticated but comfortable approach in the decorations. Pictures of family were everywhere, as well as books. Lots of books. She had shelves built along every inch of wall space holding everything from history to The Hobbit. I looked back at that picture that had caught my eye last night and sure enough she appeared significantly smaller.

"God she is so beautiful" I said.

"You aren't too bad yourself there handsome" I heard from behind.

I turned and Mary stood there in only a towel, barely covering her big round breasts and belly. I walked up to her confidently and kissed her long and hard, running my hands up her overfed curves savoring every moment.

"Well, good morning to you to" she said with a smile. "I guess that means last night was good for you to".

"I've never met anyone like you Mary, you are incredible".

She took my hand and led me to her couch where we both sat and she laid her head on my lap.

"I've never told anyone what I told you last night John. It's something I have always wanted, but I have never met anyone who made me feel beautiful and confident enough to say it".

I ran my fingers through her long dark hair, deciding it would be better to just listen.

" I was always so skinny as a child, and I never felt right. I never felt good in my own skin, and everyone always complimented me on my figure. All the time I just wanted to get so fucking fat. I finally started gaining last year and it has been so amazing!" She sat up looking at me deep with those big brown eyes.

"John I think with you, I could finally become who I am meant to be".

"And who is that?" I asked, finally responding brushing back her hair with my hand.

" An obese hog.. no, your obese hog" she said biting her lip in pleasure.

And with that our life together took off! After a few months I moved into her unit downstairs. It had more space, plus Mary was not interested in climbing the one floor up to mine. The more time we spent together the more our love grew, and so did she. I learned that she was starting at an even 200 pounds. In six months we had her at 300. She was eating like a woman possessed. She kept a constantly full snack drawer at work which she only stocked with high calorie treats. And at home it was a constant orgy of amazing sex and stuffing. Her entire body had exploded with fat but the most obvious was her breasts and belly. She legitimately had a fat double belly now that drove me wild. It swung as she walked and was sticking out farther than her big plump breasts which were starting to sag to the sides of her gut. She had developed a pretty decent waddle to and I loved to watch her walk. Her beautiful face was round and full but still just as if not more stunning. I was in heaven. I came home one evening from work and was hit with the smell of warm fresh bread and pasta as I came through the door.

"Baby your home finally!" Mary came jiggling over to me in just a sports bra and athletic shorts, her big overfed gut hanging out slapping against her legs and fattened thighs barely forcing past each other.

I looked and behind my smoking hot girlfriend I saw a kitchen table filled with bowls of chicken fettuccine Alfredo, three bags of bread sticks and an entire chocolate cake. A huge smile spread over my face and I turned towards her.

"What's all this sexy?" I asked excitedly.

"Welllll, I got a call today. My sister is getting married next month and she has asked to be her maid of honor. The thing is, my family has not seen me in a long time and I was hoping ( she lifted a pair of soft fuzzy handcuffs from the counter ) we could make sure I really give them a surprise!"

I threw my bag from work down and took her by the hand, sitting her down in front of the feast and taking the cuffs from her. I gently took her plump arms and placed them behind her, slowly cuffing each hand. She moaned quietly in anticipation, making my heart quicken. I started to feed her , mixing in the bread and pasta, kissing my love and squeezing her beautiful obese body.

"Oh my god you are making me sooo fucking fatttt" she moaned loudly.

"You are getting huge Mary, so fucking round and sexy, God you are amazing! I'm gonna keep stuffing you until you are immobile".

I kept on, never relenting keeping her constantly eating. When she started to slow I slipped my fingers down into her shorts, and in between her legs.

"Come on piggy keep eating, keep stuffing food into that huge gut. Keep getting fatter, and fatter, and fatter!".

She moaned and cried out in ecstasy and started attacking the feast with renewed energy until nothing was left. I un-cuffed her and stepped back to take all of her in. Her hog belly was huge and distended, chocolate and Alfredo sauce were smeared all over her face and her body, and her face was beet red with an immensely satisfied smile.

"I love you John" she gasped, looking into my eyes and rubbing her fat stomach.

Before I could respond the wooden chair under her started to creak and groan. And as I reached to help her up, the four legs under it snapped sending her to the kitchen floor flat on her back.

We both were silent a moment until she began to laugh hard, so hard her whole body wobbled and shook. Her smile was dazzling, and although the timing may seem strange I had never seen her more beautiful than in that moment. I knelt down beside her, reaching into my back pocket and producing a small box.

"Mary, you are the most amazing woman, you are smart, kind, funny and so incredibly sexy. The bond we have is something I spent my whole life in search of, and I never want to let it go. Will you marry me?".

"I thought you would never ask" she said, giving me that same coy look she gave the first time she led me into her apartment. She extended her fat little finger and as I slid the ring on she grabbed my arm and pulled me on top of her and whispered into my ear.

"I'm still hungry".
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