All he could ever want part 4

chapter 1

After meeting her family, the fat cat was out of the bag as Mary had become fond of saying. She dropped what little pretense there was and dedicated herself to getting bigger and bigger. Their lives became a marathon of sex and food and usually a combination of both and man it was showing. She was so wide John disappeared behind her. The weight gain finally caught up with her hips and ass and she was just fucking huge. They were both in heaven, but Mary had never been happier. Every pound she gained sent a shock of pleasure through her whole body. Feeling John touch, squeeze, and explore every inch of her positively porcine frame almost caused her to orgasm right then and there. It had been 7 months since her sister's wedding. John had set up a surprise for her in their apartment, and had her waiting in the bedroom, happily inhaling a large supreme pizza with a gallon jug of coke in nothing but a pink sports bra and underwear that long since given up the fight with her growing frame.
"Alright babe, you ready?" John poked his head in the door with a smile
"Oh you know it" She said licking her lips in anticipation, "here help me up you know I'm a little tubby these days. Makes it hard to get off the bed!"
"Just a little?" John said with a smile helping massive fianc�e off the bed trying not to laugh. Once she was up on her feet panting from the effort John pulled her in close and whispered in her ear "We will have to fix that". He reached out and took a handful of her enormous gut and gently shook it making her moan. She swatted his hand away giggling.
"not yet you horn dog, the night is young!"
With that he led her outside in the living room of her apartment where she had first confessed her desire to be fed to him. So much had changed since then. And all for the better. John had moved all the furniture out of the way save for the reinforced recliner they had recently purchased (Mary was getting to be quite heavy for average furniture) and the entire kitchen table which as she predicted, was covered with food! She felt that familiar wet warmth in between her legs just at the sight of it. KFC, McDonalds, Pizza, Ice cream, bags of chips, giant bowls of pasta and more. She didn't even know how he had gotten ahold of all of this, but she didn't care. God she was hungry. He took her gently by the hand and led her to the chair, lowering her down.
"The day I proposed to you we had just done something a lot like this" John said smiling at her. "and, since then some things have definitely changed. Ya see, I know you are twice the woman you were back then, and it occurred to me, maybe we need to see if twice the woman can eat twice the food!"
"I'd like to see you stop me!"
He tied her wrists in front of her (She was way too fat to be tied from behind) and leaned her back in the recliner. He positioned himself gently over the top of her and the food orgy commenced. She never slowed, that ability to just keep eating she always had was front and center and as she worked her way deeper into the feast, they both got more and more excited. She was moaning in pleasure as she ate, writhing almost Cumming just from knowing that she was getting more and more obese as the food went down her throat. She imagined that with each swallow she was physically inflating, getting fatter and fatter inching her way towards the dream of being an immobile queen! An enormous fat blob tended to and cared for by her loving man. Fed fattened and fucked constantly for the rest of their lives. It was too much and she began begging John, pleading for him to f**k her. He entered her and began thrusting hard, she was sopping wet and even stuffed full her titanic gut bounced with the rhythm. The air smelled like delicious food and sex and the sounds of the lovers caught in orgasmic bliss filled the room. The whole time Mary was eating, eating and eating. Her sports bra and underwear were shredded. Her beautiful dark locks were plastered to her face with sweat. Johns hands just kept the food coming until finally with Mary's final bite of the last bit of food they both screamed as they came together. John kissed Mary long and hard and they walked to the industrialized scale they had purchased a while back. Mary ponderously stepped onto it and they waited together for the little voice to come on.
"500 pounds".
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Can't wait to see what happens next