Queen of gluttony

Chapter 1- Ancient Mystery

I settle into the worn-out couch, a glass of wine in my hand, and Maze sitting beside me. The atmosphere is a blend of melancholy and nostalgia. It's been four years since Lucifer vanished—four years of growing closer to Maze as we both sought answers and distraction. Tonight, Maze has pulled out a leather-bound tome, ancient and delicate, its pages filled with incomprehensible texts and otherworldly illustrations.

"This is one of Hell's history books," Maze says, flipping through the pages with caution. "Not many people get to see this."

"Hell has history books?" I ask, baffled but intrigued.

"Of course, we have civilizations, cultures...even laws, to an extent. Hell isn't just endless torture and fire, you know."

She flips to a page that shows an elaborate etching of a demonic cityscape—towers and spires stretching into a dark sky, crowded by winged creatures. It's terrifying but fascinating, and I can't help but want to learn more. We sip on our wine, sharing laughter and observations, the weight of Lucifer's absence hanging in the air but not overpowering us. At least, not tonight.

That's when I see it—a picture that grabs my attention and won't let go. Above the illustration are the words, "Salve Gula Regina" inscribed in ancient script. Below those words is an etching of a woman. The details are hard to make out, the ink smudged and faded from age, but one feature is strikingly clear: she is enormously, almost impossibly, fat. The image is arresting, almost haunting, and I can't tear my eyes away.

"Who is this?" I ask Maze, pointing to the etching.

Maze glances at the page, then quickly looks away. "Ah, it's just an old story. Not worth mentioning."

"Maze," I say, sensing her evasion. "You've shown me Hellish cities, demons that defy description, and you're telling me this isn't worth mentioning?"

"I'm tired, Chloe," Maze replies, shutting the book with a sense of finality. "Let's call it a night."

I can see it in her eyes; she's hiding something, but I also know better than to push Maze when she's like this. "Alright," I say, reluctantly. "Goodnight, Maze."

She nods and retreats to her room, leaving me alone with my thoughts and that lingering image from the book. I head to bed, telling myself to forget about it, that it's just one of Hell's countless curiosities.

But I can't forget. I toss and turn in my sheets, that mysterious woman haunting my thoughts. "Salve Gula Regina"—Hail the Queen of Gluttony, the words translate in my mind. I sense that behind that cryptic title lies a tale darker and deeper than I could possibly imagine, and despite the uneasy feeling it gives me, I also know that I won't rest until I uncover the truth.

My eyes finally close, but sleep offers no escape. The "Queen of Gluttony" follows me into my dreams, an enigmatic specter in a realm already filled with shadows
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Mattnagle 10 months
Hope to see all of your ideas , come to pass, love to see where you take this, tantalizing.😁😈🤰
Twatty5 10 months
Glad to hear it!
Twatty5 10 months
Hello all. I have alot more ideas for this story, this is really only the beginning. If it seems people care at all I will happily continue!