All he could ever want part 3

Chapter 1 - part three

Three weeks and ten pounds of fat later and Mary and I were boarding a plane to Portland for her sister's wedding. It was a packed flight and man oh man, watching Mary's beautifully obese body jiggle and shake as she waddled down the tight aisle of the airplane had me rock hard before we even made it to our seats. Initially I was sitting by the window and Mary in the middle, but we switched when we realized she was far too fat to fit into the seat and the stuffy looking older man in a suit next to her was getting agitated. So the plane finally took off with me in the middle and Mary stuffed into the seat against the window.

"So, tell me again who is who?" I asked, she had been trying to fill me in on her family before we landed.

"Okay so that's my mom, Julie, and that's my older sister Maria who is getting married, my brother Dan, and my younger sister Victoria".

She was holding a picture in her pudgy hand pointing to each person. Her mother was a traditional knockout, tall, slender, and beautiful. She had my Mary's thick head of hair but it was silver all the way through. Her brother was tall as well, average looking but the huge smile on his face told me he probably pretty friendly. Her younger sister who looked to be about 18 didn't really look like any of them, and there was Maria.

"Damn I think Maria has more muscle than I do!" I exclaimed.

Mary laughed making her overfed body shake enticingly.

"She is a cross-fit junkie, always has been. That's where she met the groom actually".

She stopped and pulled me close, whispering in my ear and forcing my hand to grab her belly and squeeze.

" I can't wait until she sees what you've done to me".

The rest of the flight went by fast and soon we were walking of the plane. I let Mary go in front so I could watch her waddle, her skin tight black leggings worn thin from her immense gain and her blue star wars shirt fighting to not ride up over her mouthwatering spare tire. We got our rental car and after a short drive were pulling up outside of her mothers home to meet everyone. As we were walking up her mom came out, looking every bit a woman of grace and poise, she moved with dignity, and I could tell immediately she was shocked at the sight of her immense daughter. God this was gonna be awesome.

"Mary come here and hug your mother!" they embraced and Julie stepped back looking Mary up and down.

"Honey I don't want to be hurtful, I just... I thought"

"I was losing weight? yeaa sorry mom I was trying for awhile, but this is the happiest I have ever been!"

Mary smiled that dazzling sexy smile that had won me over so quickly and her mom couldn't help but smile back.

"Well, I suppose that's all that matters, I love you, and as long as you are happy, I'm happy. Lets meet this John I have heard so much about".

I walked up and introduced myself and soon we were inside chatting with her mom, younger sister, and brother. Julie's home was like something out of a movie. It was fairly dark, but warm and inviting. The furniture was large and plush, there were books everywhere ( I see where Mary got it ), and the most incredible smells coming from the kitchen. Mary's siblings did not seem to take much notice of their older sisters growth, but the bride to be was not there yet.

"Hey mom, when will we see Maria?" she asked.

"Tonight dear, we are having the rehearsal dinner at Zinzinettis, that fresh Italian buffet we all love".

Mary turned to me with a mischievous gleam in her eye and I knew tonight was going to be one for the books. A few hours and an entire loaf of pumpkin bread for my plumping pig later, we were all filing into the restaurant and Mary was ready. She was dressed in a curve hugging red dress that already looked tight and quite frankly I was not sure would make it through even her first plate. She had her hair straightened and had done her makeup and my god she was so, so hot. her huge belly was starting to hang down over her pussy, her breasts were huge and fat, she had big juicy love handles that connected to a tremendous ass with legs to mach, and her plump round face made her look like an angel. We went in and there sat Maria. If Mary was the result of relaxation and gluttony Maria was the exact opposite. everything about her was hard, and sharp. She looked almost like a little boy in black slacks and sleeveless white dress shirt. As the mandatory hugs were preformed she got to Mary and stopped, a stunned expression on her face.

"I.. I.. what the hell happened you're fucking huge!".

Mary took it in stride and hugged her sister to her, her plump overfed body practically swallowing Maria's tight muscled one.

" I really, really like to eat" she smirked at her tiny older sister.

"Yea I can see that Jesus Mary, when I asked you for your dress size I figured you were kidding. No way did I think you had actually doubled in size since I saw you last. Did this guy do this to you?" She asked pointing at me accusingly.

I stepped forward starting to try and make nice when Mary stepped in front of me.

"What he has done, is make me happier than I have ever been in my entire life, Maria. I know you don't understand, but I need you to show us both some respect."

"Whatever you say fatty" Maria turned and walked off with the rest of the family.

Mary turned toward me, her face flushed and a hard look in her eye.

"Hey come on, it's no big deal, no reason to get angry ". I said hoping to calm her down.

She looked at me and smiled. "I'm not mad" and she leaned in close. "I'm fucking hungry".

What followed was to put it mildly, devastation. You always hear jokes about fat people being told they can't get more at buffets. Mary did it. Mary ate, and ate, and ate until they had to cut her off because the kitchen literally could not recover. At first she was getting her plates herself but after awhile she had me, her mom, and her younger siblings getting her more and more food. Lasagna, bread, salad, Pasta, Cake, Ice cream, and so much more. As the plates piled up her dress grew tighter and tighter, her face was beet red and food smeared her lips. Her normally big doughy double belly was rock hard and taught and finally, she was done. Her family looked at her in awe as I tried desperately to hide a huge erection. Jesus Christ I needed her. I wanted her. If it hadn't been for the presence of children I might have taken her right there, fucking my huge, fat, obese fiancee until the chair gave way under her immense bulk. I went and helped her up. Her dress was in tatters so I wrapped my coat around her and helped her up. She turned and looked at her family smiling happily.

"I will see all of you tomorrow!".

Our drive back to the hotel was silent save for Mary moaning in pleasure, and I was reminded of our first drive back after our date that fateful night. I had no idea then how lucky I was to be with such an amazing woman. I did now, and as soon as we hit the hotel I pushed her down on the bed and showed her my gratitude with my head in between her tree trunk thighs. She moaned, deep and low, and the more intense it became her moan turned into the pleasurable squeal of a fattened piggy cumming so hard it shook the bed. When I came up for air she looked at me with her deep brown eyes, hefting her bulk until she was sitting up.

"lay down John, now it's your turn".

I did as she asked and slowly, she climbed on top of me and began to ride my rock hard dick. It was absolutely mesmerizing. Her stuffed curves bouncing up and down on top of me, every inch of her body bursting with the results of countless food orgy's just like tonight packing more and more glorious fat onto her. She was not chubby, not plump, not over weight. She was huge. A true fat pig, an obese blob who bursts out of clothes and can shut down buffets. And somehow, of all the guys in the world, she picked me. God I have to be the luckiest man alive. She somehow found the energy to pick up speed and started slamming down on top of me, the weight and her sopping wet warmth making me see stars.

" God I am so fucking hugeeeee" she moaned as she road me, grabbing her hog belly and shaking it hard. "I am such a pig, such a fat obese gluttonous pig! I can't wait till I'm immobile!"

She screamed in pleasure and we climaxed as one. I eased her down to the bed slowly. We both lay there catching our breath, when she turned and said that magic word.

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RFBurton 4 years
THIS NEEDS to be CONTINUED! Outstanding work!
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