An unexpected trip

chapter 1

Sweat rolled down his face. This could not be happening. The text message from Steph was clear: "we've got to talk... I'm pregnant"

Phil's heart lurched. They had an on-off relationship for a few years. But this time it was definitely off. The way she had finished things had been cold-blooded even for her. She had thrown everything from his lack of career ambition to his disappointing performance in the bedroom at him. It was a clean break: no calls or messages. The only problem was he hadn't been able to stop thinking about her.

He wondered if the baby was his. It did not seem likely, the amount of sex that had in the last few months was tiny. But the thought of it being another man's was painful. Should he offer to marry her?

A few hours later a friend had called to tell him that Steph's brother Mike was after him. This was getting ridiculous. He had been friends with Mike at school, but they had drifted apart. Mike was now a committed gym freak. With a shaved head and tattooed bulging biceps. The rumours went that he was juiced up the eyeballs.

What the hell was Mike's problem? Looking down at his own frame he knew that Mike must have 50lbs on him. Phil had gained a bit of weight since school, but it was mostly from drinking beer. He didn't fancy his chances in a fight.

Today was not turning out to be a good day.

Phil worked cash in hand for a guy called Roger. He spent his days delivering parcels. It was hardly difficult. The phone rang, it was his boss: "I've got a special delivery I need you to make for me. It's good money."

The thought of a bit of extra cash was good. He might need it. Roger occasionally sent him on trips around the country.

"Yeah sound alright, what is it?"

A slight pause before his uncle said, "it's in Thailand. I've got you a plane ticket, and the flight leaves tomorrow."

"Thailand! Are you having a laugh?" He had never been before but had some ideas about palm trees, beaches and bars.

"No, I'm being serious. It's important too. The guy is paying good money for his parcel to be hand delivered."

What the hell, Phil thought to himself, at least I will get away from the madness for a few days.
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FrecherTyp 5 years
mhmmm interesting plot i and such surprising twists ;-)